Catch 22… as in catch up on chapter 22! Get it?

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Terrible puns aside, Chapter 22 has been posted for Magical Girl Policy! This time we have adventures in Robynne having to actually attend class and deal with people. Also she’s now sporting a messy ponytail for all those artists who no doubt want to draw her now. ;)

In related news, a super awesome person known only as the mysterious Darkness has done some fanart of Spirit Guard Serenity and she looks, in a word, badangelcake! Take a gander!

I mean, mean, seriously, look at those freaking daggers! Don’t they just look really cool all, uh, you know, watered up? Is that a word? Oh, whatever. My lack of command of the English language aside (which is quite concerning considering what I’m doing XD) if you want to see more of Darkness’s work just click here to see his deviantArt page!
In other news, this is the first month we got two chapters done and it’s looking fairly good so far for chapter 23. I even have the June Vignette already done for all you patrons! (that will be going up on the 1st as usual). As it says up there the title of this one will be “Round Object Enthusiasts” and will be dealing with a little club we like to call “Spheres.” I think you patrons will enjoy it!
I also will be needing some help with something. I need more names for social media things and gaming things. So far here is the list I have:

  • FaceBook = SpaceLook
  • Twitter = Flutter
  • Instagram = PicNow?
  • tumblr = jumblr?
  • flickr = shuttr?
  • Tinder = Matchbox?

As for games-

  • WoW = Aspect Realms
  • DDR = HDM
  • Halo = Corona Forge
  • D&D = Keeps and Kobolds
  • Palladium = Argentum
  • WarHammer = LoreThunder
  • MtG = Invokers
  • Call of Duty = Oath of Honor?
  • StarCraft = TacticStar?
  • LoL, Dota, Heroes or whatever MOBA = ?

So, yeah, need help with everything that has a question mark.

Lastly, I just had a couple of dental bills come in and now I’m really hurting for money. I’m not going to beg but if you are independently weathy/just happen to not spend much and have $200 to $400 you don’t think you’ll be using anytime soon, consider maybe throwing a little one-time help Taralynn’s way. Begging ends now. That will be the last you hear of that.

Thanks again to Darkness for the awesome fanart!

We hit the goal! $150! … kinda… oh, and Chapter 6 commentary is up!

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So… you did it! $150 in monthly pledges! You all can’t know how happy and honored that makes me feel that you all would be so generous… only there is a SMALL issue. A very kind patron pledged $15 a month to push the number above $150 ($151 to be precise) but two other patrons kind of sort of don’t have their pledges going through. This means the part that is actually getting donated is $141 a month. I’ve contacted said donators hoping it’s just some credit snafu.

But we hit $150 so I’m going to be aiming for two updates a month form here on out! For that reason, if you notice the banner in the upper right we have had a schedule change! Chapter 22 is getting pushed up a week! Progress on chapter 22 is going well and we are staying on target for that day! Woo!

So the next Patron goal is at $300. I have a story in mind that would be another tg story involving a superhero setting. I’m going to try to set up an introductory chapter so you all can have a feel for the setting. It would be happening on a planet that is not this one but is culturally very similar to 1940-60s America. I just love that era in terms of style and, as it’s my universe I’m making up, I can do whatever I want! :P I have no idea when I’d post this introductory chapter but it’s something for down the line. Still working on a title too.

In the mean time, I have an idea for something I want to do as sort of mini-patron goals. Basically, every $30 marker (ie: $150/180/210/etc) I’ll be releasing a more fanfic dossier file with an attached picture. I’m sort of taking inspiration from Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm concept and letting it be a world of crossover continuity. With the donation amount currently at $141 I hope we’ll see the concept soon :)

Oh, and before I go, I almost forgot to mention that the Chapter 6 MGP Fan Commentary is up! Just click on the link here to download! Thanks to Fran├žoise, Gavin, Michael, and (as always) Shadowmaster for lending their humor to us. To my $5 and up donators, you’ll be receiving permission to comment on chapter 7 soon! It’s a lot of fun people so, if you’re pledging $5 or more a month, take advantage of the fun!

Thanks again all you wonderful people!

And now MGP is old enough to drink

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You read the title right folks! If each chapter represented a year (and given how often I release these things it sometimes feels like that I’m sure XD) it could drink! In America where the legal drinking age is 21. So, you know… look, MGP, like me is American so those are the laws it lives by. Kind of. Look, the entire first paragraph of this post is a complete rambled mess. Hmmm… RambledMess. Not a bad screenname.

The point I’m trying to say is Chapter 21 has been posted.

So I’m trying to be more regular with giving everyone updates and content in general. My new goal will be to give a post every Tuesday. Nothing big. Just something to where I can give you all an idea of what’s going on and check in with everyone and maybe share a laugh or cry or… some other emotion.

I’m also going to start posting MGP to my deviantart. Some of you may have originally found me through dA so I figured, “Hey, here is a resource I’m not using that I already have.” I figure if I get more readers here the more likely it is we’ll have more of a community with commentary and such. If you have a dA account, please consider adding taralynnsd to your watchlist and let’s see if we can’t bring a few more into our very odd fold :)

Speaking of poor transitions, I made a new MGP header image this chapter. Took me way too long but…

Ta-daaa! So yeah, as I said, took wayyyyy too long to make but I like how it turned out.

Two more things before I tap out, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in helping me with my hair color naming conventions. It was a very good discussion that got me thinking of how I was going about it all and I think improved the system. I ended up going with margentine for pink if you’re curious. It makes a small appearance in the chapter. And lastly, in an effort to get the chapter commentaries out a bit quicker, I’ll be posting Chapter 6 MGP Fan Commentary in a week’s time so if you’re one of my $5 and up patrons who can do that, get all your snide, snarky, smart angelcaked commentary out there :P

May the Fifth be with you… wait…

Chapter 6 commentary posted! Also, need your help!

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Hi-ho everyone! I just want to say thanks to all my wonderful Patrons! We are now making Chapter 5 of the MGP Fan Commentary available for download and it’s all thanks to them that we are getting this humor. Speaking of, thanks to Fran├žoise, Gavin, Michael, Shadowmaster, & UNSpacey for leaving their funny comments. I’m also just trying to get a feel for who all is actually reading the stuff so if you could let me know here so I could sort of get a head count, that’d be great!

In other news, if you’re one of my $5 or up patrons on, I’ve already sent the invitation for you to start commenting on Chapter 6. Comment away!

So, over on my patreon page, I started a conversation on the names of the wide and varied hair colors of MGP and I was looking for help. The conversation was interesting enough that I’m deciding to carry it over here:

The crux of my situation is that I have all these hair colors and they should have names to them but some of the names are, to quote Sloth, “Meh.” Here is the list of words I have and which ones I’m sold on and others I’m not:

  • Red- Scarlette- pronounced with emphasis on second syllable- all set
  • Orange- Not talking natural redheads but people with true orange hair. The suggestion is “carrottop” but I’m open to others
  • Yellow- Sunlocks- People seemed to like it- like orange, this isn’t blonde but pure yellow
  • Green- Emerelde- set
  • Blue- Bluenette- set
  • Purple- Violette- set- pronounced vi-o-let
  • White- I’m thinking “snowcappe”
  • Pink- the word I got right now is “candymane” but… meh. Some have suggested using “rose” as a root word but, to me, rose brings to mind pure red. Is that only for me or do more people think it’d indicate pink?

So, if you think you have a good suggestion for these colors (or a color I might be skipping over) please keep in mind that these colors are indigenous to the Kessia City area so the words would have to be words people there are familiar with. Please also be aware I’m worried about how people reading them think of the words. Someone sees “violette” and, given the rest of the story, I think they pick up very quickly I’m talking about purple hair. I want the words to be unique but quickly portray the color they are talking about. Your guys’ input would be great!

Next up, the MGP TVTropes page has been active! I don’t know who is updating it and putting Magical Girl Policy notes in other Trope pages but, if you’re doing it, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! First and foremost, I get super excited when I see something I’ve made on a trope page. I don’t know why, but it just feels awesome. Secondly, it’s generating traffic to the story and the more readers the better! Thanks so much Tropers!

Just to let everyone know, I’ve completed the writing for Chapter 21 and we are in the editing phase. It is on schedule to be posted in a week’s time and I’m excited! Also, for those of you who are my patrons, this month’s vignette “Dungeon Direct Response” will be posted May 1st without incident! And I think it’s going to be a fun one! It will be featuring Devon, vaunted store clerk of Dungeon Direct and what his response to the Day LaMode attack was. I could use some help though. I need someone to come up with a good alternative name for MGP-realm Dr. Pepper.

Lastly, if you’d like to become a Patron, give that image in the top right a click! We are at $134 a month and are just $16 away from my stretch goal! If we hit $150, boom, two updates a month! Then we can start on the next stretch goal of $300 a month where I’ll be doing a bonus side story involving super heroes! #shamelssselfpromotion :P

See you all in a week!

Twenty something

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Chapter 20 of MGP has been posted for your reading pleasure! Would love to hear your comments when you get done :)

In other news, thanks to the votes of my patrons, the May vignette will be centered around Devon, the worker at Dungeon Direct, and what he did during the Day LaMode attack. I’m more than a little excited to write this.

You may have also noticed, from the banner, that we are at $132 of $150 on my twice a month update promise! I truly can’t believe it’s that high. I mean, I never expected people would like the story enough to support it that high. Thank you all so much!

New chapter will be up near the beginning of next month. I also will be getting the next MGP Commentary chapter up sometime next week. For my $5 and up patrons keep a sharp eye for that update because, as usual, we’ll need your comments :)

May you not be an April fool,

I have nothing clever for 19

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Long post is going to be long. Let me give a short version for those who don’t care to read all the details:

There. That wasn’t so difficult. Let’s get into greater detail, shall we?

I’m sorry about not posting an updates on my efforts on chapter 19. Life has been busy. More accurately, life has been sick. I had whatever that cold going around was and it stuck in my lungs for around two weeks. It was annoying and uncomfortable.

In more health related news, I got a gummi donut root canal this morning. So I’m not happy at the moment. Need to go back in two weeks for a crown. Sigh. Yep. Just used “sigh” as a sentence all by itself. Fun stuff.

I want to thank those who helped with the fan commentary on Chapter 4. I’ll be getting you $5 and up patrons the file to start commenting on chapter 5 soon enough.

Thanks to a few more generous patrons joining our group and a few current patrons increasing how generous they are to me, we are now up to $116 a month. That puts us pretty danged close to my $150 goal where I’ll be updating MGP twice a month! I’m excited to be able to do so!

In related news, I’ve decided to change up my Patreon Rewards. For those of you who it matters to, the new breakpoints are as follows:

  • $1- Receive MGP updates a day early (same as before)
  • $2- Receive monthly MGP vignettes
  • $5- Receive access to MGP Fan Commentary chapters (same as before)
  • $10- Receive access to my word docs of MGP so you can see as I write

Let’s talk about the changes. First, yes, I stopped with the art. It became too big of a hassle for me to arrange for art every month and, from your feedback, it seems the art was a “nice” bonus but not something that really excited the patrons. The vignettes however are something people have indicated they want- basically more writing from me.

Now, if you’re not a patron and worried you’re missing out on important events in the vignettes, let me calm your nerves. Nothing in the vignettes will be important to the story. My current plan (could change in the future) is that it won’t even involve main characters. It’s mostly stuff at the side that will give the world of MGP more depth. As an example, my first vignette is called Monster Insurance and will center on Mr. Parker, the owner of the Loose Change arcade and Eli’s employer, dealing with the aftermath of the Polygal attack. I expect the vignettes to remain short (2-3 pages) and fun. So if you aren’t a patron, don’t worry, you’re not getting shut out of anything you need to know. If you ARE a patron though, I feel you’ll enjoy what I’m putting forward. First vignette arrives Friday.

The $10 and up donators are going to be part of something I’m a little nervous about. A few of you have mentioned you’d like access to stories as I write them. I’m notoriously private about my writing process… well, maybe it’s not notorious but I am private about it. Part of it is insecurity (I don’t like people looking at non-finished products), part of it is privacy (look, let’s be honest, as fans, we like our authors doing nothing but writing. I don’t like people knowing if I have or haven’t written today), and part of it is concern over the product (I worry that I won’t be able to write if I know people are staring at the file as I write. A watched pot never boils and all that). But I’ve ultimately decided at $10 a month, you’ve shown a lot of trust in me. I can extend some trust back. Plus, I feel it will help keep me more regular… and that sounds weird when I type it like that. Should edit it. Won’t. Funnier this way.

Before I go, I want to address something. A commenter (sorry, I can’t remember who you were. Sorry. Too lazy to go back and look at the moment) brought up a potential continuity error. On the scale of discovery writing versus outline writing, I’ skew much closer to the discovery side. It’s what makes my conversations flow better. The downside to this is that I am much more prone to continuity errors that way. For this reason I welcome any and all potential continuity error observations. If possible though, I would like to receive them via an email titled “POSSIBLE CONTINUITY ERROR” so that I can put them all in a nice folder and have them all in one space. So if you see one and are feeling particularly helpful, please send the observation to You have no idea how useful it will be when I complete the story and have to pass it over for it’s first REAL edit.

Hope you find chapter 19 enjoyable,

The one where I respond to a lot of comments

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Okay, whew! Lots of comments this last chapter so I take this as a very good sign! I’m going to try to respond as much as I can in this post. But first, let me get to some details about the next chapter. I don’t have a solid date I’ll be posting the next one but I’m looking at sometime between Feb 26 to March 3rd. Stay posted.

Second, for patrons, art will be done soon for February so check in on Patreon for that.

Third, I’m thinking of changing up my Patreon rewards a little. The once a month art thing is turning out to be a bigger burden than I thought it would be and rather than making sure art gets done once a month, I’d like to guide more efforts into what I think what my patrons would rather have, which is me writing. So stay tuned on that as well.

Fourth, let’s address comments!

@daymon34- You know, I didn’t think about it at the time, but it’s hilarious you thought the ice cream flavors were swearing at first. I laughed at that. I guess there are some unintended consequences of confectionary censorship XD

@Sakuraelf- so glad my chapter could brighten a rough month! I write to entertain and it’s good to know that the entertainment can lift your spirits!

@Drahken- I wouldn’t say nutty. Vivian is more chocolate-y :P

@Flairina- Glad to see the changes to the Rob/Noriko relationship arc are well received. To be honest when I started the chapter, Noriko arriving at the end wasn’t in the plan but as I kept writing it just felt… needed I guess. Whenever I deviate from the plan I’m always a little nervous so it’s good to know my instincts worked there.

@Tas- Yes! Making people actually laugh with my writing is a big goal. I don’t know about you guys but when I read, I don’t tend to laugh even when I think something is funny. It’s almost all internal. But when something is REALLY funny, I laugh. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only person like that. But for me, reading laughter is fairly rare so to hear people saying they laughed makes me as giddy as… Vivian!

@Shadowmaster- As a writer, I’m enjoying writing Vivian much more than I wrote Mary in MGPAlpha. For those of you who don’t know, Vivian’s original name in my old version of the story was Mary (get it? Mary Joy? Felicity… yeah. Subtlety of a brick) and, I feel, was a much more one-note character. Some advice I heard on fleshing out one-note characters is to give them a hobby or focus that goes against their “type” some. For me, that was adding a lot more depth to Vivian by making her an unexpected intellectual. Rob likes to see the way the world works while Vivian likes to see how people work. I feel there is a lot of overlap there to work with and it really helps me figure out the character voice by focusing on that. I still feel that too early in the story Vivian comes across too much like Mary but if I ever get to editing stuff back at the start, that is something that can be fleshed out I feel.

@SRP- I don’t want to comment on any fan theories because A) it could be spoilers if I say something is right or wrong and B) it makes me so happy just to hear speculation! If you guys want to post more random theories, might I suggest the Magical Girl Policy Wild Mass Guessing thread in the Forums? Or, maybe, you could add stuff to the TVTropes page Shadowmaster made for the story! Have I mentioned he made a TVTropes page for us? I’m still kind of geeking out about that! And people are adding, slowly, to it. I check it every few days to see if there has been a change… what were we talking about? Oh right, SRP, yes, your theory. Sorry, won’t comment on it but the fact that you’re thinking about it makes me happy :)

@Scott- First of all, mint chocolate chip ice cream is maybe my favorite ice cream in existence. I almost had Robynne make a comment to that end but decided that would be a bit too much “author avatar” than I want in Robynne. As for the campus dress code, I mentioned it briefly in a previous chapter (I want to say 3 or 4) but basically everyone is dressing some form of business casual. Guys have to be wearing slacks and a buttoned shirt, girls in skirts and blouses. I’ve had a few people inquire but, yes, there are colleges that have dress codes like this. Most of them are private colleges, hence why I’ve mentioned SAU is a private school. I don’t think any of them keep dress codes this strict but maybe just chalk it up to part of the weirdness of Kessia City *hint hint*

@Gleenobly- The “sucking misery away with exuberance” is a direct play on the line in Guardians of the Galaxy film where Rocket accuses Gamora of “wanting to suck the joy out of everything.” I don’t know if you’ve ever met someone who does the opposite. Partially because we sort of think, quite naturally, of someone being “filled” with joy and you either pop the balloon of fun or deflate it. I liked using the same analogy but on the wrong emotion to sort of show how out of place Vivian feels to Robynne.
Another, really small thing, I sort of use that I think people picked up on is the fact that both Robynne and Noriko take a moment to process how it is someone like Vivian can exist. It’s minor, but I think it’s a small way I can show that they actually have a little bit in common.

Whew! That’s a long post! Hope you all stay tuned for more announcements next week!

MGP is old enough to smoke… if chapters were years

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Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 18 is posted and, man, does it feel good! This chapter was a ton of fun to write! I hope you all enjoy the read as much as I enjoy writing it.

The bigger news, in my mind, is that WE HAVE A TVTROPES PAGE! Reader and patron Shadowmaster was a doll and made one after I made a joke about it in one of chapter 17’s comments. Everyone, you have no idea how irrationally happy this makes me. Please, go and add to it if you so desire! There is already some fun stuff on there. Would love to see more!

So, an apology to my patrons. We still don’t have our February image. I’ve been super busy and haven’t gotten that done yet. I hope the chapter may placate you for now. So sorry.

Last thing I’m going to say is that I’m probably going to have another round of “Taralynn Needs Help Naming Things” in the forum here pretty soon so please stay tuned to the website for updates.

Three straight chapters of over 11k words! What is wrong with me?

Chapter 17 now posted!

13 January, 2015 (09:29) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

All right! You know what time it is folks! Time to read chapter 17 of Magical Girl Policy! Wheee!

This chapter is one of the longer chapters I’ve done, having ballooned slightly from the planned 10k word range up to 11126 words. But that just means you’re getting more for your money… or, you know, just more. But whatever because I’m super proud of this chapter. I love how it turned out and it feels like something you can enjoy! Please leave your thoughts on the chapter in comment or email! I love feedback! It is the lifeblood of my work! (other than my actual blood of course)

In other news, I received a rather funny email a few days ago from a fan about MGP bleeding over into real life and they have allowed me to share it here. So big thanks from Luna for letting me share this:

So I just wanted to say thank you for the bad if sort of extremely embarrassing habit. I work with children as a preschool teacher assistant and I normally have a really bad habit with cursing and over all I have a horrible “potty mouth” I decided well this isn’t really a good to be doing with all of these impressionable little kids around so I started replacing my “curse words” with things like “gummy bear” or “marshmallow” like in your story, and crazily enough after about a week of doing that i cant seem to stop. So thank you for probably saving my job cause, yea i work with little children. But curse you for giving me this idea I still curse as much as I used to, but now its all sweets and it sounds really funny having a 24 year old woman yelling “gummy bear” when i hurt myself….

Is that story not absolutely the most awesome thing ever! And it’s adorably funny! What’s not to like? I always knew I was making the world a better place, I just didn’t realize by how much! Let this all be a reminder of the power of self-discipline and confections! And thanks again to Luna for letting me share this. You all have no idea how much this made my day. Month. Possibly year!

One more thing before I go. I’m just conducting a rather informal poll to find out how most of the people who read the story found out about me. If you could just click on this link and pick one of the options I would greatly appreciate it. It should take two seconds assuming you have decent internet. If you answer “other” would you please just send me a message or email telling me how you found out about me? Thanks!

Getting started on chapter 18!

Small notes

8 January, 2015 (23:26) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Just a quick update! I finally fixed our banner so that it reflects the current Patreon goal levels and updated the pin-up teaser image. You’ll also notice the banner updated what day Chapter 17 comes out. Huzzah.

Oh, forgot to mention that, if you’re a $2 and up Patreon patron this month’s teaser image is done. I, again, apologize for that as I didn’t give my usual artist enough heads up to get it done before the holidays. We’ll be ready for February. But back onto the subject of the picture, I think it turned out great! Angela looks very elegant in her New Years Eve dress and sure is ringing in the New Year with quite a bit of sexy style.

As for an update on my progress on Chapter 17 itself, things are looking good. It’ll be a bit of a longer chapter but not the longest. I’m nearly nearly nearly done with it and my editor is already going over the early sections. I’m up to around 9250 words and I expect when all is said and done I’ll be around 9750 or 10000. My average chapter is 6921 words long and the longest I’ve ever done is 11310 so you can see we’re much closer to my peak than my average with 17. If you’re curious about numbers, the longest was Chapter 7 which was very exposition heavy. A better writer could have shrunk it down but, hey, you’re stuck with me I guess :P

See you all on Tuesday,

PS: Because I know some people are now curious, Chapter 9 is my shortest chapter at 2810 words.
PPS: The standard deviation of MGP’s chapter length is, so far, 2429 words. I’m not really sure what that means to any of you or even me but there it is in case you were curious.