Mountains of fanart

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Okay, so, lots of art. I’m going to go through this in the order I got it. Or the order I remember getting it. Those are close to the same things. They likely are, anyway. I hope. Maybe. Okay, moving on. Because of all these images this will be a longer post and you can click on any image to get a bigger version.

First is cheating and old. I commissioned some art from the Pipmeister a long time ago. I mean, like, I think it was in March or April or something. And I just realized I never hyped it up. He drew the other Spirit Guard for me. I gave descriptions and he put his own flares on them. My personal favorite of the batch is Felicity because… well, that pose is SOOOOO Felecity. I also just like the “Bring it on!” look that Tenacity has going. Valor her normal, beautiful and regal self. And we can all see why our resident bluenette has caught the attention of Eli.

Okay, next up on the list is me no longer cheating as these are true fanarts (ie: I didn’t pay for them XD). First one comes to us from Rhys who decided to take a break from drawing monsters like Polygal and decided to honor Tenacity’s badassitude with his own rendition. What I really like about his is that you can see her athleticism in her frame. She’s strong. She’s an athlete. And I like how he has her shorts that they wear under their outfits poking out from under her skirt. For some reason I feel it somehow accentuates her power, though I’m not sure how. A mystery for another day.

Rhys brought up an interesting idea of throwing sparkle effects over the Spirit Guard in his art (but not being able to do it with his current editor) to sort of simulate the idea of the Disconnection Effect. Sort of a visual cue to remind the viewer that normal people can’t figure out who the Spirit Guard are. I don’t know if I’d put it in story but it definitely fits the magical girl genre and I definitely have to consider it.

The next one comes from Theo who sort of came up with… I’d almost call it MGP clip art. I got his permission to use his art assets he created for a future MGP header image (since my old one is rather dated. I frankly love what he did with the staff of Felicity and the sword of Tenacity. Felicity’s staff now looks more mage-y (totally a word) instead of the original bo-staff I imagined and I love it. Fits more with the Scholar-role she has. Tenacity’s sword looks unique without being as over the top as my original design. And Serenity’s daggers… ooooo. I love the daggers! I hadn’t thought of the little barb at the end before but other than that this is basically how I imagined them… and I really like the barb! XD

I liked them so much, Theo decided to render them. With extreme detail. And my dear sweet goodness they look amazing! I love that he went with that sort of marbled look. In chapter 14 I talked about the ripple patterns in the blade. I was imagining something like Damascus steel and I feel… I mean… just look at it! They are fit for a magical girl!

LOOK AT IT! First of all, it looks so stinking real! Second of all, I love the sort of “frosty” look to the daggers. Like they are part ice. These weapons look right in place in World of Wa… I mean Aspect Realms. ^_^;;
The last one is of me and Pip actually. If you follow Pip on his dA page then you’ve already seen it but I’ll put it up here for those who don’t. Let’s just say this is an important lesson in asking what I mean when I request you help me out with coming up with monsters for MGP.

And that’s the fanart! Whoo! I shouldn’t let those build up. But I do. But big thanks to Pip, Rhys, and Theo for their art. I really appreciate all the love you all have given to my little story. I hope I can continue to be your art muses.

In other news I don’t have the art done for November yet but it’ll get done sometime next week. Until then, enjoy your interobang preview image XD

See you all on the flip side,

Chapter 15 has arrived

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Back by popular demand, Magical Girl Policy! Woooo! Yay! Applause! Wait, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to do that last one and not say it. Oh well. Regardless, Chapter 15 is here for your reading pleasure. Fresh off the heels of her fight with Day LaMode, the newly formed Spirit Guard Serenity has to help make sure Tenacity doesn’t bite the dust anyway from injury. Plus, we check up on Eli and Cory to see what they are doing in this time of turmoil.

In other news, though the banner does not reflect it yet, we are up to $35 on Patreon and I’m stoked about it! We should see that banner updated here in the next few days or so.

In even more news, Since the last chapter there has been a LOT of fanart! I’m soooo psyched to show it to you all and I think I’ll get that done next post which I’m hoping to make tomorrow. I’m seriously excited for this! I can’t wait for you to see all the awesome stuff that has been made lately!

Walking on sunshine,

Patreon update

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Got the website working the way I want it to. Still not complete but it’s close enough for the moment. Good enough I guess. Anyway, I’m here for a few announcements. First of all, you may notice a change to the banner up top. Let’s explain everything.
I had a more experienced Patreon user talk to me about my goals and it was very insightful. He helped me have a much better strategy for my goals as far as making more sense relative to my life. Sadly (but more realistically) this puts a lot of the original goals I posted higher. But to make up for that, I deleted the Monthly Pin-up art goal and we’re just straight going for it to start :)

The other thing this did was got my but in gear on my rewards system for Patreon. So here is the new rewards system:

  • $1 or more: Get my thanks and content a day earlier via Patreon
  • $2 or more: Get the monthly pin-up image
  • $3 or more: Get the alternate monthly pin-up image (typically same as the original but with characters responding in some way)
  • $5 or more: Get access to the MGP Commentary Google Doc to leave your own comments on (commence explanation!)

So I’m really excited about this last item, but it is a bit hard to explain. If you are unfamiliar with “comments” in a word document, it’s where you highlight something and there will be a blurb to the side of the document. My concept for why this would be fun is I imagine the style of commentary be a bit snarky and quippish (totally a word) in nature. Sort of a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version of MGP chapters. But provided by YOU the Patreon contributors. If you’d like to see an example of this, the image below is how it looks and you can click on it for a larger version of the image for easier reading.

The plan (tentatively, running into technical issues at the moment) for this would be to leave each file open for commentary for about a month or two, then closing it and posting a version regular readers can download and enjoy all your hilarious comments. Also, thanks to Toby and Kami for being my beta-commentators in this process. Their quips had me laughing and I think you’ll be laughing too!
Whew! With that now all said, please take note of the NEW Patreon goal of $150 which will get MGP updating twice a month! Right now I’ve been averaging a chapter once every three or so weeks. So that’s exciting.
Thanks for reading the wall of text, hope you all are enjoying MGP. Oh! And if you are a Patreon, huge huge thanks and please send me your suggestions as for what the November image should be.
Thanks for all your love!
Taralynn Andrews

Now it all looks wrong

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So I updated to WordPress 4.0 and this happened to my website. It completely undid my custom look on my theme for some reason… now I have to compeletely rework my entire website theme look… sigh… and I cannot find a rollback feature. I sure hope I have the files saved somewhere. This is really upstaging the announcement I WANTED to make today.

The announcement I wanted to make was that we got fanart today! TheXtra89 did his own version of Spirit Guard Serenity based upon the description of the character and other pieces of artwork he had seen previously. He actually started drawing it BEFORE we posted this chapter. So some small details are off but the picture is gorgeous and I am VERY flattered to have received it! Why don’t you go visit his dA page while you’re at it?

Off to fix the website
Taralynn Andrews

Chapter 14 live

16 September, 2014 (16:01) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Today is September 16th! You know what that means! Chapter 14 of Magical Girl Policy!

So, disclaimer here is my editor, bless his soul, has had a very draining go of it the past few weeks and wasn’t able to edit the whole thing. As a result this chapter may not be as “tight” as the others. But I will be editing it some when he’s able to get to it.
I am absolutely drained. I will post more tomorrow or Thursday concerning some patron stuffs. If you have sent message to me and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry. I’ll be getting to responding during that same time as well.
Enjoy this long chapter!
Taralynn Andrews

Big thanks to my Patrons!

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Today is Labor Day here in the states so that means, no work! Huzzah! That also means catching up on some site maintenance. As you can see in the upper right, I’ve updated our Patreon goal progress, as well as the date I’ll be releasing MGP 14. I’ve gotten my chapter planned out, now I need to start writing it.

I have to give a wonderful thank you to my patrons… I mean I have to give a thank you to my wonderful patrons. Got the order wrong there when I first typed that. Could have edited it. Didn’t. I think this paragraph is more fun this way. Anywho, we’re up to 5 now and we are 40% of the way to our goal. Remember, if you’re a Patron and have an idea for a pin-up art, please send me a message with your suggestion.

Been VERY pleased with the commentary on the recent chapters. We’ve gotten a lot more comments and some of them VERY insightful for me. I just want to say, keep it coming! I love your comments and they help immensely!
Thanks all you beautiful people!
Taralynn Andrews

Thirteen. Magical Girl Policy’s lucky number.

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Lo and behold! It is Chapter 13 of Magical Girl Policy. Chapter 13. This sugar just got real!

I really don’t have anything else I want to say right here about it. Instead I just want to thank my SECOND patron! Woo! Thank you so much, The Don! Thanks to him and my first patron, Colton, I’m up to $13 a month. Once we hit $50 we’ll be getting monthly pinup art based on story characters. I do need ideas but I think I’m going to be limiting suggestions of what the art should be to my patrons themselves. You have a suggestion for the first pic you really want to get off your chest, you can donate for as little as $1 a month!

In other news I’ll be continuing more site maintenance stuff over the week so if you see something look off about a page or something, please send me an email and I’ll take a look at it! Thanks!

Can’t wait to read Chapter 13 comments!
Taralynn Andrews

Art, first patron, announcements, and new chapter on Tuesday!

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Hello all you beautiful people! I have been a busy bee so let’s get down to business!

First thing is first, you’ll notice there is now a header in the upper right that updates everyone on both our Patreon goal status and when the next chapter will be out. You’ll notice the date currently is set for this Tuesday. So prepare yourselves!

In other news regarding Patreon, I got my first patron! Woo! I haven’t gotten permission to laud the praises of this wonderful person out in public so they shall remain anonymous. I’m trying to set up some rewards for my patrons but I’m not sure what would be good. I have some ideas on my Patreon site so if you would all be a dear and visit the page to see some of my ideas and give me some feedback, I would be greatly interested to hear what you have to say.

Also under the category of fans being awesome to me, Rhys has drawn us an AMAZING version of Polygal. He took some creative liberties that I love! Check it out!

I LOVE the sort of Lara Croft shorts with the pistols holstered. In my mind the pistols always had their cords coming out of the back of her waist but looking at this I really like the look of them coming out of her neck. Has a much more Frankenstein’s monster feel. Plus he really just captured how she is a fusion of person and arcade machine. Little things like the quarter slots and hands melding with her skin… perfect! Thank you so much Rhys!

In other news, I’ll be fixing a lot of little inconsistencies and little problems all over the website over the weekend. So if something looks weird please let me know as I’ll be changing things here and there and could mess things up slightly. I’m not a web-editing wizard by any means.

Last bit before I get going is there has been a huge influx of readers recently and I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words about MGP! I seriously am touched that so many people have enjoyed the story and are interested in the midadventures Robert is having. I’ve had a few of you ask me if you could link the story elsewhere and to that I say, “GO FOR IT!” The more the merrier I say! If you think someone will like the story, spread the word! it can only help my presentation to have more voices expressing their opinions!

Getting ready to post on Tuesday!
Taralynn Andrews

Chapter 12 is now up! Plus Patreon

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Chapter 12 of Magical Girl Policy is now up! Please go and read it as the trio of Robert, Eli, and Cory head to the Rale Valley Mall. What’s the worst that could happen? *insert everyone who read MGP Alpha shaking their heads*
In other news, I’ve set up a Patreon page. Now, if you so desire, you can donate a monthly sum as low as $1 a month towards the production of my work. In all honesty, I don’t feel my production level has, as of yet, been fully deserving of Patrons. That said, if you’re willing to donate, I appreciate it. Right now I’m setting up a goal of $50 per month which would be enough to at least get some art in here. If we reach that goal, then maybe we’ll look at other things to stretch me out.
But, the long and short of it, of course, falls on me to actually put out more chapters more regularly if I’m going to be deserving of such patronage than that. Still, if you have $1 a month to spare in your budget to help give me that little extra push, feel free to donate. :)

Look forward to seeing Chapter 12 responses,
Taralynn Andrews

Chapter 12 first draft done!

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Just what the title says. I’ve got my first draft of chapter 12 of MGP done. I should have the post up on either Thursday the 7th, or, if I can’t get it edited by then, Tuesday the 12th. In either case, it’s on its way soon!
Looking forward to posting the next chapter,