Taralynn’s Desk is moving!

So this is a long time coming. A long time ago our friend Pip was awesome and let us move into his proverbial basement and we’ve been updating here ever since. But it’s time for us to put on our big girl pants and move out. We’ve openned up a new website over on *gasp* taralynnsdesk.com. All future updates will be going there. We have a rudimentary website working here but, alas, a ton of the links on the new website link back over here. It will take us a while to get everything straight so please be patient.

I want to thank Pip for letting us use this space for all these years. It’s been a treat and you’re a great friend Pip. Couldn’t have done all these stories without you!

See you all over on the new website,
Taralynn Andrews

Magical Girl Policy #56… oh yeah. It’s up.

I get a certain sense of dread and satisfaction when a chapter is completed. I put stuff into it and hope it’s stuff that you all will like. I’m not always sure if I have my finger on the pulse of the fan but I’m thinking you all will enjoy MGP Chapter 56. At least I hope so. Regardless I did have a lot of fun writing it so I think as long as that is true it tends to come out in the writing.

I want to thank my wonderful patrons for helping me out. It’s thanks to you wonderful people I’m not a starving artist XD

Now, I want to get a little bit into spoilers for the chapter so if you haven’t read it yet please go do so now.

* – * – *

Okay…. are they gone? So I want to discuss Vivian here at the end of the chapter. I’m partially basing how she walks and moves on a friend my sister had in middle school. The girl was a gymnast and I swear could NOT hold still or stay upright. So many times I’d walk in on their conversations and the girl would be walking on her hands, doing cartwheels, or walking backwards while they talked and had a conversation.

It always fascinated me because I knew other gymnasts and found them to be, well, kind of boring. Gymnastics is a sport that requires some of the most intense discipline I’ve ever seen. But not this girl. She was fidgety and always had a smile on her face. Now, she was nowhere near as fun as Vivian. Vivian has the benefit of being written by another human being and thus her lines can always be well-timed and fully-formed. Even the most clever of comedians will fumble through their words at times. Regardless, I knew I always wanted to base a character around that kind of energy. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind with Vivian but I don’t think I fully was able to capture it until this scene.

It was also super important for me to make sure Robynne acknowledged and lamented the manipulation she pulled on NightKnight. I have to walk a fine line with him. On one hand, he’s got to be annoying to deal with and not take a hint such that you can feel the frustration Robynne has with him. He also needs to be sympathetic. I hope that by tapping into the socially awkward nerd I can grab both.

One of my favorite lines from video games is in Mass Effect 2, coming from Mordin Solus when you’re doing his loyalty mission. When confronted with the tragedy his decisions he goes through and talks about how he did the best with the data he had and, looking at that data now, he’d still make the same regrettable decision because he still feels it was the best of a lot of bad decisions. He’s still trying to do what he can to set things as right as he can and when confronted with the idea he’s doing it because he feels guilty he says, “Not guilty, but responsible.” That line always sent shivers down my spine because it’s just such a perfect summation of the human condition. We make the best decisions we can and even if what we did wasn’t “wrong” per se, we still have to live with and even deal with the consequences.

I hoped I could channel that with Robynne’s inner monologue here. In no ways do I want to say whether she’s right or wrong in her assessment. And I hope it’s telling that her Uncle’s aphorisms are coming straight to her mind. Whether she’s right or wrong actually doesn’t matter too much to me as an author. Moralizing complex situations isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll leave that to philosophers. What’s more important to me is that Robynne recognizes that whether she was right or wrong to do something doesn’t matter as much as her willingness to help fix the consequences of her actions.

In the heat of the moment, in the middle of an unexpected crisis, we all make snap decisions that may or may not have been the best choice at the time. We can always Monday Morning Quarterback something with hindsight. What matters most to me is if you make the decision to do the harder, and for the lack of a better word, more righteous decision once you have time to think about it.

* – * – *

Okay, end spoilers!

Thanks so much for reading you beautiful people. For my next project I’ll be diving back into Villain-In-Distress so stay tuned over there.

Later days,
Taralynn Andrews

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a look into 2021

Hey Deskers!
I hope everyone here had a very Merry Christmas. Am I supposed to capitalize the M in “merry” like that? Not sure. Too lazy to check. XD

I’m currently away from my normal hovel and have been with family all holiday season which has done great things for me personally but hasn’t let me get as much writing as I hoped done. Still, got a good amount of work done on the next MGP chapter. I’ve hit a slight snag but nothing I can’t work out storywise.

Obviously 2020 was a tough year for everyone. For me it was a disappointment because I didn’t get anything nearly as well done as I wanted. The job change I had turned out to be more work than I thought it would be and I didn’t adapt well to the constant changes this year provided. It feels petty to complain about it when people are losing jobs and loved ones due to all this but I figure it best to be honest.

I have high hopes about next year though. I feel like I say that every year but it’s true. Maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist. XD Not that Robynne would agree given her situation.
I read a lot of books this year and one that really resonated with me was Atomic Habits. It really has me thinking about how I have approached my goals in the past and I’m going to be changing things up. I’m excited for the energy it’s bringing me.

Look for the new chapter sometime in the next two weeks. In the meantime my other big goal this year is I want to rekindle the flame of community. Heavens knows we could use more of that nowadays so I’m going to be more active on the discord going forward. I look forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Later days,

Issue 20 of Villain-in-Distress is up!

I’m loving how this Issue turned out. Patrons, you can access it here. My next work will be in MGP. Sorry to those who don’t have interest in Villain-in-Distress but I find myself nowadays needing to go wherever my creativity is taking me. Recently that’s been Villain-in-Distress moreso than Magical Girl Policy. However, now that I’ve scratched that itch I’m finding I need MGP again. I have a feeling I’m going to be yo-yoing between the two a lot more now. That might result in some changes. Regardless, stay tuned later this week. I’ll likely be posting some polls (some for Patrons and some for the general audience) to help me determine how I want to do things going forward.

Hope you all enjoy the new chapterissue!
Taralynn Andrews

Peppy Goddess Mandate update

Hey everyone! Been a bit since I posted. Sorry about that. Next chapter is coming along. In the meantime Kamizite, who is an awesome dude, has got another chapter of his MGP alternate universe story, Peppy Goddess Mandate, ready for you to read! I hope you all enjoy it as well. If you haven’t , you should start because it’s a lot of fun. In the meantime, stay awesome and send positive positivity-karma or whatever in my direction to help keep me productive 😉

Chapter 55 is here

Chapter 55 is up and, I must say, I’m proud of it. This chapter had a LOT of discovery too it and lots of editing (thanks so much ShellShocker!) so I hope it turns out great. At least I’m sure it will be enjoyable. I really enjoyed writing it and like where the story is going.

I want to thank everyone who has been a Patron. Times have been tight financially and you all have helped give me some flexibility I need! You’re awesome. Also, we did briefliy get above the $200 theshhold. As such we will get some custom art for this quarter. I probably will pull it from this chapter actually so we’ll be seeing some Robynne and NightKnight soon… ish. Obviously artists need tine to get good work done XD

My next work will likely be an Issue of Villain-in-Distress but I’ll take a break from writing today and enjoy the good feeling of getting a chapter out! Feel free to post your thoughts, theories, and other assorted musings on the chapter.

Talk to you later,

the wait is over

I have to say, it took a long while but I had to break through a dam of sorts with my writing. Writer’s Block isn’t the write term (get it?); Writer’s Block implies an impasse. I feel like I could have gotten this chapter out much sooner but it just didn’t feel right because I was dithering on a lot of issues that, frankly, had a lot to do with my new life. Long story short… new job hasn’t afforded me as much free time as I had hoped. That said, that’s really not the issue. More I just got stuck in a loop of being mad at myself for not making use of the increase of free time it’s given me and instead have been eating myself with the focus on the free time I don’t have. But someone recently talked about the issue of how there is a law (it has a name but I forget what) about how for most people a task will expand to take up the time given to it. Thus, I have budgeted less time for writing and, surprisingly, I’ve been more efficient with it!

I don’t know what that says about me personally but all I know is that Chapter 54 of MGP has been posted and my creativity gears are turning right now! Don’t be surprised if I post something for Villain-in-Distress soon as well. I’m cookin’ right now!

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, I thank you so much for being patient with me while I worked through this. I am very excited to be where I am now. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Let’s do this!
Taralynn Andrews

I have great news and I’m terrified by it

Hey Deskers! Longtime no see. Now, first off, let me start with the lead story of Chapter 53 of Magical Girl Policy has been posted. I know most of you are here for the MGP so let’s get that started off bat. The chapter was shorter than I originally intended (or researched for. Seriously, I have put a LOT of research into this only to not use most of it) but the next chapter will probably take a lot of that length back. I don’t know how long the next chapter will be or if I’ll break it down further but I’m excited for where I’m going with things.

Now, onto the clickbaity title up top. Some of you MAAAAAAAY have noticed I have not been very active as of late. I can’t get into too many specifics but let’s just say I’ve been very busy at work. It’s been good for me and I’ve learned a ton in the past year but it’s taken me away from a lot of my hobbies and, if I’m perfectly frank, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for about two years straight. I’m drained and I’m finding it difficult to keep writing and that makes me sad. I started realizing that a while ago and thus, I have been forming what I have secretly been calling…

Taralynn’s Escape Plan™

Basically the Taralynn’s Escape Plan™ starts with a simple concept that I need to acknowledge: I cannot write full time and make enough to pay my bills. Some might think that thought depressing but I see it as liberating. First of all, if everything goes extremely right, maybe I could be wrong. But I don’t think I am. However, once I started admitting that fact, I could face what I needed to do with more clarity. For me, it was liberating. So, for the past two years I’ve been scheming and now am ready to talk about Taralynn’s Escape Plan™:

  • Start saving up a stack of money to live off of in case of emergency (separate from my retirement funds)
  • Start saving up a bigger stack of money to live off of for realsies
  • Line up a part-time job with a good friend who understands that I won’t be working more than a certain number of hours a week
  • Build up the courage to finally quit my time-consuming full-time job and try to make it as a part-time writer/part-time worker because, seriously, leaving the safety of a decent-employment-on-a-team-you-enjoy-but-don’t-love-and-seriously-it’s-intense-work is very scary

Well, I’ve finally reached the point where I have enough courage (and savings) to do it. I have a part-time job lined up with a friend of mine’s small business that will give me some steady employment to help give me some stability. I have built up about one year’s worth of saving so that if all goes to honey-in-a-handbasket that I will still have food to eat and shelter to live in. To that end, I will be leaving my full-time job on December 15th!

I cannot tell you how exciting and terrifying this is all at once. Part of me is so ready to be done with this job but the other part of me knows I will miss it when it’s gone. It’s been demanding but rewarding and I really do enjoy my team and will miss their camaraderie. However, it’s drained me creatively and as much fun as it’s been to work on projects with my team it’s not what I’m ultimately passionate about and I look forward to being able to spend more time writing again.

Now, I do want to temper expectations a little bit. It’s not like I’m going to have so much free-time that there will be a chapter-a-week or something like that. I know my writing style and I’m not likely to be able to produce at that pace. That said, as I schedule things out and look at things realistically, next year you should be looking at content dropping here once every two to four weeks (depending on what I’m writing of course).

I’m thankful to my previous employers for giving me enough of an opportunity that I could save up enough to take this risk. That said, I’ll be moving to cut as many of my costs as I can going forward to make the little safety fund I’ve saved up for last longer. I want to thank you Patrons even more as I’ve been careful to avoid touching any of the funds you’ve given me. Patreon funds account for a healthy portion of my rainy day funds I’ve saved up so if you’re super excited for what should be an amazing 2020 in terms of my writing, please thank the Patrons. You guys are seriously the best.

In other news, this was announced a while ago but Kamizite, author of PGM, has launched a room in his Discord channel for Deskers. If you’re interested in joining us on Discord I finally am a bit more active over there. Here is the Discord link for those who need it. I’m not active there every day but I have started popping my head in now that Taralynn’s Escape Plan™ has too much steam for anyone to stop (even myself XD).

So, if you’re excited for more content feel free to say so in there. Just like here let’s try to avoid politics and religion and, in the words of the best scholars ever, “Be excellent to each other.”

Am I scared? You bet I am! This is terrifying. Things were safe. I couldn’t fail had I stayed where I was. However, I’m still young. I’m single. I have no dependents. If I can’t take a risk like this NOW, when will I ever be able to take this risk? So, here I am. I will risk failing and having to crawl back to the corporate world. But, while there is severe risk that I might one day have to slink back to the corporate world in failure, I’d rather do that knowing I tried than sitting in my cubicle and wondering what would have happened had I really tried.

Talk to you again soon,

Chapter 52 is up

Hey Deskers. I’ll be posting something more in depth here later today but Chapter 52 is up. I’d go into more detail but train internet is spotty and I want to be able to say more. Look forward to me saying more in about 10-12 hours. By the end of the day we should have a new image and a new issue of Villain-in-Distress as well.

Update 2: Okay, in addition to the new chapter being out, I have put out a big pin-up picture of Team Rocket Grunt Robynne fighting Pokemon Trainer Angela. I also finally posted Issue 17 of Villain-in-Distress if you’re a Patron of mine. I will be finally getting around to making the correct episodes public too in a bit. Almost out of time on train back home. Will update again soon… and by “soon” I mean “tonight.” Given my recent history I figure it’s best to be a bit more precise in my language.

Update 3 (final update of the night): I have posted a big long spiel on my Patreon about where I’ve been and some changes I’m making to improve my output. I don’t want to rehash it all here because it’s sort of a long post but one thing I did want to say is that I’m sorry Chapter 52 is a bit short. I felt it ended before I wanted it to but then I got to thinking about where I actually wanted it to end and realized that would be a lot more writing and I had been quiet and content dry for long enough it was better to post something to let you all know I was still alive and give you something to read than to wait for it to be the “right” length.

One big takeaway from a lot of the reading and self-inspection I’ve been doing is I have a tendency to really wait for something to be perfect and I don’t focus enough on the idea that it’s more important to just get your reps in and improve. Regardless, you’ll be seeing more of me soon so don’t worry. And I really want to thank one reader in particular. Kamizite, the author of Peppy Goddess Mandate, who has helped me verbalize a lot of my thoughts. Kamizite, you’re a true friend. Thanks.

Until next time,