I really don’t know any significant 26 jokes I can make…

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SURPRISE! Magical Girl Policy-Chapter 26 is up for your literary pleasure! I apologize for the lack of updates or insight as to what has been going on but the past few weeks have been a nonstop cavalcade of chaos. Let’s just say, well, things have been a mixed bag of busy. How mixed? Well, my roommate had a heart attack. Seriously. Yeah. Everything is fine now, thank goodness and praise *insert your deity here* the event didn’t happen in MY presence. I totally would have assumed a nap first. Yup. My roommate could have died right in front of me and I wouldn’t have known it until it came to stick pokin’ time. Thankfully my roommate had the decency to have their heart attack in front of their entire family at a reunion while their nurse aunt was there. But yeah. That happened.
Also, a week later, my grandmother had a heart arrhythmia. So basically don’t get too close to me. I apparently cause heart stress. But, regardless, the past two weeks I’ve been helping out with both so that has taken up some time. Not all my time but it has sapped me of some of my creative energy if I’m completely honest.

But it hasn’t been all heart attacks and bad news! I mean, I don’t THINK it has. It seems I may have gotten hired at that place I had a job interview at. I say seems because they haven’t formally said anything but they are having me fill out paperwork that you’d fill out if you were being hired. My hiring representative is sadly on vacation and I haven’t been able to get a full answer. But if all goes well I’d actually start mid-August. So, yeah, really soon. This would be a very welcome change of pace to my life. Not having money, it turns out, is non-ideal. Plus it’d be working for a company that I previously worked for, that I liked, but hated the job. This would be in an area at the company I wanted to go into but until recently didn’t have access to locally. So this would be VERY good news.

However, because the theme of this post is “mixed bag”, I have to say this would likely change my Patreon goals. Right now we are sitting around $250 (and I really still can’t believe that number!) and my next goal is at $300. That goal would be a bonus story once a month. If I’m completely honest, I’m going to say that I probably can’t do a full-time job and write three chapters a month. I might be editing the goals to reflect my new situation as details become apparent.

For those of you wondering about Project S.C.I.R.T., yes it should have updated twice by now. The stress of all this HAS gotten to me if I’m honest. I might be contacting another artist to help me out with this. We’ll see. But I haven’t forgotten about it or abandoned it. So there is that.

As a side note, sorry this chapter is so much shorter than other chapters. I still feel it’s a good chapter but it IS shorter. Basically, with all that has been going on, it came down to a choice between putting out what I had or delaying the chapter until I could get it to a normal length. Ultimately I decided that delaying chapters is what lead to The Hiatus years ago and I don’t want a repeat of bad habits. So I put out a shorter chapter. If that’s what I have to do to keep these chapters coming, so be it!

Don’t have a schedule planned for the next chapter yet but I’ll be updating that banner soon as I do! In the meantime I’ll be just working on more stuff and trying not to cause any more heart problems,

Please go for a walk or do something healthy today,

Quarter of the way

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Ladies and gentlemen we have hit chapter 25 of Magical Girl Policy! Can I get a, “what! what!”? No? No I can’t? Well, how about you just read it then? Cool!

Potentially great news in the world of Taralynn. I have a phone interview for a full-time job tomorrow. Don’t know if any of you are religious or not but, regardless, if you have some diety you like to worship or honor or something, offering a little prayer in my favor won’t go unappreciated :)

Also, this isn’t related to anything, but I saw this and I have to share it. I mean, seriously, watch that video and you cannot be sad. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Enjoy the chapter!

If you read a chapter an hour it’d now take a full day to read MGP…

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Chapter 24 of Magical Girl Policy is there for your literary pleasure. It’s a shorter chapter but I’m proud of it. It was one of the more fun chapters to write. Really hoping it’s one of the more fun chapters to read too XD

So I want to give a big thanks to all the new and recent patrons we’ve gotten on Patreon that have enabled the next part of SCIRT to go up (Red Velvet update went out btw if you missed that over the weekend! Go check it out!) but that’s not the only outpouring of fandom that there has been of late. We’ve also had a lot of art! So let’s show these bad boys off!

The first bit of art here was from reader Tolin who decided he wanted to draw Robynne meeting Nick for the first time as he gives her coffee as a way to say, “Sorry you’re a chick now.” I love that he nailed Robynne’s confused expression (and rockin’ ponytail) and Nick’s helpful smile. Boom. He nailed it. And he actually bothered with the background! And it looks good! I definitely wouldn’t have tried that XD

To top that off, he also invented his own logo for the fictional Sunbanks Coffee House! The detail!

If you’re looking for more art by Tolin, he actually did some images for the collaborative TG fan-comic Troop 37. If you’ve never read Troop 37 go treat yourself to the silliness of the concept of a Boy Scout who randomly transforms into a girl and the hilarity ensues. It’s not super serious and, as I said, it was a fan collaboration so the art style and story change pretty much with every artist. It’s long since died out but it was fun while it lasted and Tolin (and Pip!) helped out.
As for our next bits of fan art, they come to us from Scott. He’s a rendering artist and what I like here is we get to see a bit of a process as he’s given us two images of Spirit Guard Serenity (along with one Tenacity too!). Here is his first render of Serenity:

What I really like in this render is the both the pose and the hairstyle. The hair is so… sweepy? There is no way sweepy is a word but I’m going with it. It looks difficult to do regardless. But Scott wasn’t satisified with the render so he tried it again.

Serenity is much closer to her actual skintone in this one (poor Robynne needs a lot of sun… and sunscreen) plus I really like what he did with the skirt and boots in this one. I don’t know how rendering works but I just love the texture on them. Plus they just look cool. Magical girl warriors and their shoes, am I right?

Then he finished up by giving us one of both his vision of Spirit Guard Tenacity and Serenity standing side-by-side. Tenacity is, in a word, tall.

So very, very tall. She towers over Robynne (as she should) and holds that claymore way too casually. At least I think it’s a claymore. I’m not a sword buff. I’m also too lazy too look things up. Regardless, if you want to see more of Scott’s stuff, go visit his blog!

So again, HUGE thanks to Tolin and Scott for their fanart. I’m still blown away that people like the story enough to do fan art for it. It’s really an honor, guys!

Artstuffs are the best,

Hit $180! Let’s post more SCIRT stuff!

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Wow! This week has been amazing with donations! Thanks our newest donators Jackie Anna and Daniel and some people fixing their card info, we are above $180 and I have posted the most recent portion of the SCIRT files on Project DEBUTANTE! This time let’s all take a look at DEBUTANTE #00B- Alias: Red Velvet! Again I stress to not take this universe idea as seriously as MGP as this is a crossover world, and thus, everything cannot be taken to its logical conclusion.

Regardless, thanks for your time and all your wonderful donations and I’ll see you all Tuesday!

MGP 24 posting updated! Coming a week earlier! And other stuff!

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So the more I wrote Chapter 24 the more I felt it’d be better if it was a shorter chapter. THe more I thought about it, the more I felt the next couple of chapters should be shorter in nature. For that reason I’m moving up my posting schedule a bit. Instead of coming to you on the 30th, Chapter 24 will arrive on the 23rd. I expect a pretty quick turnaround to the next chapter too so you’re probably looking for chapter 25 to arrive on the 7th of July, I believe. I’m not sure just yet on what all will go into Chapter 26 but if it’s another short chapter that could be another quick one to two week turnaround. So yay.

In other news, I’ve gotten really good feedback from people on S.C.I.R.T. and I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind messages about enjoying it. It’s sort of really different from anything I’ve done before so it’s nice to hear that it’s working on some level. Just a reminder that once we reach $180 in pledges I’ll get the dossier on DEBUTANTE #00B: Red Velvet up.

Lastly, it surprised me to hear how many people really liked Robynne’s new gamer handle, Waveform. A few of you made reference or outright said how you liked how it has several double meanings. In the interest of understanding audience headspace and expectations, would you all like to maybe elaborate on that point a bit? If you’d rather not do it in public I accept email as well at taralynnand@gmail.com :)

Thanks for your patience,

Twenty-three skadoo!

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Whew! Today we are just loaded up with content! First and foremost, thank you all for waiting two extra days and giving me the time I needed to post Chapter 23 of Magical Girl Policy! Woo! Let’s see Robynne’s efforts in deciding what cult to join and what cults want her to join… I’m getting word that the word is CLUB not CULT. Oh well. Whatever. Close enough.

In other news, I’ve also launched the first part of my newest Patreon incentive project I’m calling S.C.I.R.T. The point is there is a big gap between $150 and $300 monthly dollars and I want to have little benchmarks between the two. So every $30 between here and $300 putting up another segment of S.C.I.R.T. What is S.C.I.R.T.? Well, to get the full idea you’ll have to go over and read it but the long and short of it is that SCIRT is an organization that has shadowy goals that it hopes to achieve through it’s newest scheme, Project D.E.B.U.T.A.N.T.E. If you love acronyms you’ll love this story. Plus I’m trying a brand new way of dispalying things. I hope you like it.

The first dossier DEBUTANTE# 00A- Alias: Meow Attack is up! Go ahead and see what it’s all about! If you’re looking for the image to get a closer look (you’ll know what I mean when you see it) just click on her image and that will open up the full-sized image. Hope you all enjoy it! Please remember that this concept isn’t meant to be as serious or continuity-proof as MGP so set your expectations accordingly.

Next I want to just give a shoutout to all you newcomers out there who have come over from various sites. Thanks so much for joining our merry little gang of insanity. You’re more than welcome and so are your comments. And if you’re a brand new Patreon patron I give you a double thank you welcome because… well… money is tight and you have no idea your donation means to me at the moment!

Last announcement before I go, I should be sending out the invites to all $5+ patrons to join in on the Chapter 8 fan commentary later today so keep a lookout in your email boxes for that.

Hope you have fun with Chapter 23 and S.C.I.R.T.!

Chapter delay

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to make everyone aware that the chapter’s posting is getting delayed to the 11th (Thursday). I had some unexpected family visit over the weekend cutting me a little short on writing time over the weekend. Not a huge delay but a delay nonetheless and you all should know.

Also, some good news and bad news. Good news is that someone new has joined the Patreon pledge so we’re over $150 so my new project called S.C.I.R.T. will start… the bad news is that, of course, this happens when family comes into town XD so while I will be debuting this ASAP chapter comes first. All I know is I’m totally looking forward to showing you all the ideas I have in my head in time.

Sorry for the delays,

7th Comments

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The Fan Commentary for Chapter 7 has been posted and is available for download! Huzzah! Thanks to all my wonderful patrons who donated $5+ last month and left their comments. Chapter 7 blew me out of the water in terms of how much people posted. Here is hoping Chapter 8 is even better! If you’re an $5+ donator I’ll be sending out invitations to comment on Chapter 8 here soon.

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention how much I appreciate all the comments you guys leave. It shows you care and really helps to motivate me. I’d especially like to thank you all if you’re a new person to the website who has come from one of the other locations I link to the story from. Love your commentary wherever I can get it :)

On a bit of a more serious note, ever since hitting the $150 goal to get me to update twice a month I’ve been having a lot more people’s cards get declined. I really don’t want to be a jerk about this and maybe it’s just a coincidence but it feels some people maybe have pledged just enough to get me over the hump to get me to write twice a month but then letting their pledge lapse. I don’t want to be a huge stickler about this because, yes, it’s a few dollars but I can also say the same the other direction. If you’ve pledged money please double check your card info and make sure it’s good. I know it may not seem like much but money is extremely tight for me right now and every dollar counts. If you’ve pledged money that isn’t really there for me to count on I need to know so I can budget properly.

In a final note, we will soon rehit (hopefully) the $150 goal which will launch a new project that will be fanfictiony in nature, but with art. Basically, instead of it updating on a set schedule it will update as I hit little markers to my ultimate goal of $300 a month. Every $30 marker it gets updated. I hope it’s something you’ll like. Once I get chapter 23 done here soon I can actually start on my first dossier for the project (which I’m tentatively calling “S.C.I.R.T.”) I hope to have something for you all soon :)

Rock on,

Catch 22… as in catch up on chapter 22! Get it?

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Terrible puns aside, Chapter 22 has been posted for Magical Girl Policy! This time we have adventures in Robynne having to actually attend class and deal with people. Also she’s now sporting a messy ponytail for all those artists who no doubt want to draw her now. ;)

In related news, a super awesome person known only as the mysterious Darkness has done some fanart of Spirit Guard Serenity and she looks, in a word, badangelcake! Take a gander!

I mean, mean, seriously, look at those freaking daggers! Don’t they just look really cool all, uh, you know, watered up? Is that a word? Oh, whatever. My lack of command of the English language aside (which is quite concerning considering what I’m doing XD) if you want to see more of Darkness’s work just click here to see his deviantArt page!
In other news, this is the first month we got two chapters done and it’s looking fairly good so far for chapter 23. I even have the June Vignette already done for all you patrons! (that will be going up on the 1st as usual). As it says up there the title of this one will be “Round Object Enthusiasts” and will be dealing with a little club we like to call “Spheres.” I think you patrons will enjoy it!
I also will be needing some help with something. I need more names for social media things and gaming things. So far here is the list I have:

  • FaceBook = SpaceLook
  • Twitter = Flutter
  • Instagram = PicNow?
  • tumblr = jumblr?
  • flickr = shuttr?
  • Tinder = Matchbox?

As for games-

  • WoW = Aspect Realms
  • DDR = HDM
  • Halo = Corona Forge
  • D&D = Keeps and Kobolds
  • Palladium = Argentum
  • WarHammer = LoreThunder
  • MtG = Invokers
  • Call of Duty = Oath of Honor?
  • StarCraft = TacticStar?
  • LoL, Dota, Heroes or whatever MOBA = ?

So, yeah, need help with everything that has a question mark.

Lastly, I just had a couple of dental bills come in and now I’m really hurting for money. I’m not going to beg but if you are independently weathy/just happen to not spend much and have $200 to $400 you don’t think you’ll be using anytime soon, consider maybe throwing a little one-time help Taralynn’s way. Begging ends now. That will be the last you hear of that.

Thanks again to Darkness for the awesome fanart!

We hit the goal! $150! … kinda… oh, and Chapter 6 commentary is up!

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So… you did it! $150 in monthly pledges! You all can’t know how happy and honored that makes me feel that you all would be so generous… only there is a SMALL issue. A very kind patron pledged $15 a month to push the number above $150 ($151 to be precise) but two other patrons kind of sort of don’t have their pledges going through. This means the part that is actually getting donated is $141 a month. I’ve contacted said donators hoping it’s just some credit snafu.

But we hit $150 so I’m going to be aiming for two updates a month form here on out! For that reason, if you notice the banner in the upper right we have had a schedule change! Chapter 22 is getting pushed up a week! Progress on chapter 22 is going well and we are staying on target for that day! Woo!

So the next Patron goal is at $300. I have a story in mind that would be another tg story involving a superhero setting. I’m going to try to set up an introductory chapter so you all can have a feel for the setting. It would be happening on a planet that is not this one but is culturally very similar to 1940-60s America. I just love that era in terms of style and, as it’s my universe I’m making up, I can do whatever I want! :P I have no idea when I’d post this introductory chapter but it’s something for down the line. Still working on a title too.

In the mean time, I have an idea for something I want to do as sort of mini-patron goals. Basically, every $30 marker (ie: $150/180/210/etc) I’ll be releasing a more fanfic dossier file with an attached picture. I’m sort of taking inspiration from Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm concept and letting it be a world of crossover continuity. With the donation amount currently at $141 I hope we’ll see the concept soon :)

Oh, and before I go, I almost forgot to mention that the Chapter 6 MGP Fan Commentary is up! Just click on the link here to download! Thanks to Fran├žoise, Gavin, Michael, and (as always) Shadowmaster for lending their humor to us. To my $5 and up donators, you’ll be receiving permission to comment on chapter 7 soon! It’s a lot of fun people so, if you’re pledging $5 or more a month, take advantage of the fun!

Thanks again all you wonderful people!