Ch 38 is out! Um… can’t think of anything clever for 38?

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Woop! Chapter 38 is out for your reading pleasure. I’d type more here but I’m trying to fix some website things and trying to get a widget on the site so that I don’t have to update an image every time I do Patreon.

That said, before I go, if you’re a Patron, please remember to get your Fan Reel comments up before the 28th, and get your Q&A questions and Pin-up votes in before the 1st! Time’s a wastin’!

Look forward to reading your comments!

Fan Reels 9 & 10! Patreon announcements! Gasp! Wall of text hits fandom for massive damage!

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As work continues to be done on Chapter 38, I am excited for the returns of the Fan Reel chapters! For those of you who may be new (or maybe have just forgotten because… it’s been a while… sorry) Fan Reels are where I create a GoogleDoc that is just an old chapter but now my patrons at a certain dollar level up get the honor of throwing their commentary on top of it! I sort of compare it to the MGP version of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I have found it quite fun and I hope you do as well. So here are the links to download both Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 and the Fan Reels. Invites to comment on Chapter 11 should be sent out shortly.

So, Patreon announcements. For those in the know, I’ve had the following benefits for donating to my Patreon and various goals. The benefits and goals looked like this:

Old Stretch goals Old Monthly Benefits
  • $100- Monthly commissioned artwork for the story. We hit this
  • $ 250- Monthly pinup artwork- We’ve gotten very close to this many times
  • $ 500- Monthly TG super hero story from Taralynn
  • $ 750- One image per chapter!
  • $1000- I’d commission a flash artist to make the Robert->SG Serenity transformation
  • $5000- Quit my day job, do writing full time!
  • $0.01- My grattitude and MGP updates a day early
  • $2- MGP Vignette access
  • $5- MGP Fan Reel access
  • $10- Access to my GoogleDocs rough drafts as I write chapters

So, I’m now well over a year into the Patreon thing and I’ve decided I need to take a step back and review both my goals and my rewards.Let’s go over my stretch goals first. I think, for the most part, they are fine. The only ones I have concerns about are the pinup one (been so close) and the Monthly TG super hero story. The pin-up one I sort of have been close enough I just want to do it. THe monthly story… I struggle enough with my vignettes. $500 seems too close for me to be realistic about it. I made these goals when I was unemployed for the most part and now that I have a job, I realize I wouldn’t be able to deliver on a monthly chapter for a new story AND MGP. So something will have to change there.

Now let’s look at the Monthly Benefits for patrons. First of all, my 1 cent goal of getting the chapter a day early… I have cheated my patrons due to my disorganization. More often than not (and especially during 3 in April) I haven’t had the chapter ready a day early. For that reason, I’m removing that as a promise so I stop cheating you. For those of you who have been patrons BECAUSE of that promise and I failed to deliver, I’m sorry.

I like the goal of the Vignettes at $2, but I’ve always felt I need some kind of reward for the people at $1. I’ve been discussing it and I think I have an idea for that which I’ll get to in a moment. Another issue though is the Fan Reel. At $5 it seems I haven’t really found a price point where I get a lot of engagement on it. If you’re at the $5 mark I don’t want you to take that as criticism. I understand the Fan Reel isn’t for everyone. But I would like more engagement in what should be a somewhat “loud” environment. I personally have found the comments we receive hilarious and would love more.

The goal I’ve been happy with is the $10 level and that won’t change. I’m a little… what I mean is… I don’t like too many people having their eyes on my work as it’s going. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having the input from some of the most hardcore fans, but I get a bit of stage fright when I see someone is in my googledoc as I’m writing. Call it performer’s anxiety or something. So I kind of like putting this goal a bit further up there as it makes sure it doesn’t get TOO crowded in the file. I’m insecure. We all are. This is mine.

So, with all that said, I’m amending everything. This is what the new goals and benefits will look like starting in September…

New Stretch goals New Monthly Benefits
  • $100- Monthly commissioned artwork for the story. We hit this
  • $ 150- Monthly canon and monthly pinup art for MGP!
  • $ 300- Let’s get a super expensive commission from someone famous of the full Spirit Guard ready to fight!
  • $ 500- A canon image per chapter instead of just per month!
  • $ 750- Let’s do another super expensive commission! Of what? Who knows! We’ll figure it out as we get closer.
  • $1000- Let’s commission a flash artist to make the Robert to SG Serenity transformation
  • $5000- Quit my day job, do writing full time! It’s a pipe dream, maybe, but I’m writing it down
  • $0.01- My gratitude. Seriously, anything sent I REALLY do appreciate
  • $1- Access to the monthly Taralynn Q&A! More explained below
  • $2- MGP Vignette access
  • $3- Access to comment on MGP Fan Reels!
  • $5- You get to vote on what the monthly pin-up art will be, plus increased likelihood of Q&A questions being answered!
  • $10- Access to my GoogleDocs rough drafts as I write chapters

So let’s first talk about the $1 and up access to the Taralynn Q&A. My idea is pretty simple. I have more than a few people who donate $1 a month and I just want to be able to give them something. However, I just don’t have the time to produce more original content than I already do. This was pitched as a simple idea people might like. Every month I’m just going to put out an article on Patreon that is just my monthly Q&A where patrons submit questions and I pick a few I think I can give interesting answers to. I will answer a total of 5 questions a month and hopefully that will be a fun bit of interaction I can give everyone. The only limit on the questions will be NO politcal or religious questions. You guys want to have those discussions… well, the internet has a lot of places you can go for that.

Now, some of you may be worried that this means I’d curtail my interaction in the comments and the forums. Fret not. I’m not going to change how I interact here on the site, but the Q&A is a bit more formal and a place where people can ask me things I might not cover here.

My $2 patrons will not see any real changes to their access. They’ll still get their monthly Vignette and NOW also get access to the Q&A. You $2 patrons have been the backbone of that progress bar filling up over the past year and you really helped out during my time in unemployment. It never is forgotten.

The biggest change will be the fact that I’m moving access to the Fan Reel down to $3. This is mostly to give more people a chance to comment on the Fan Reel. I’ll be posting the Chapter 11 Fan Reel soon so I hope to see your hilarious (or insightful) comments soon!

So, if you were a $5 patron before, what are you getting now? Well, so far you’re getting access to everything you did before. But now $5 patron’s will also get to be the ones who VOTE on what the monthly pin-up art will be AND have priority on getting their questions answered in the Q&A. I’ll detail the pin-up voting in the next paragraph but the way the priority will work is simple. Of the 5 questions that I answer, 3 will come from $5 and up patrons and the other two will come from my $1 and up patrons. Some may not think that’s fair but, hey, $5 is about what my lunch costs each day at work. I just think it’s good policy to reward people who buy you lunch 😛

So, yes, going forward, there will be monthly pinup art IN ADDITION to the monthly commission art. But I didn’t want the pin-up art to just be whatever interested me. I wanted there to be some interaction on that and I wanted the honor of who should be pin-upped each month to go to some of my most generous supporters. So if you’re a $5 supporter, every month I’ll be asking for your help determining what the pin-up will be. My thought right now is to maybe have a theme for the voting but I don’t want it to HAVE to be married to the concept of what is happening that month. However, just so you guys can get a feel for how I’d do this, I’m thinking the September vote I’d put up the characters Angela, Kara, Mallory, Robynne, & Vivian and since September is back to school, you’d be voting for either a Catholic School Girl outfit or Japanese School Girl outfit. That kind of thing. But you $5 and up patrons will be seeing more about this later. Each month I’d then rotate in maybe a new character into the voting so we don’t just pile up a bunch of art for only one character.

So yeah, that’s my Patreon going forward. Sorry to have hit you with such a wall but since patrons give me money I wanted to be as up front as I could about things. And to those of you who aren’t my Patrons, I still really appreciate the fact that you read my story and give me comments and motivation to keep one writing. This all just started as me wanting to tell a story and now it’s been able to grow into something that (as of last month) helped me pay off the rest of my credit card debt. Not to get too sappy on you but when I payed off that last payment I cried. And it was you guys who made it possible. Thanks so much. You mean the world to me.

Getting back to work on Chapter 38,

July Image is done! Grimay is da best evar!

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Oh my goodness! Boys and girls, here it is… July 2016 image is ready for postage! This month was Grimay once again and I’m proud to show you the first image we have of Fretribution having a pleasant discussion with our resident main character, Robynne “Waveform” Darling.

Grimay’s command on shading this picture is stunning. I mean… LOOK at all the folds on those tshirts and jeans! I also love the little details he throws in like the faded wash of Fretribution’s jeans. I didn’t ask for that. he just threw it in and it completely works! This is soooooo good.

Quick request from you guys, I’d love to have a discussion here about the artwork. But if you do post a comment here, would you kindly consider copying that comment and jumping over to Grimay’s dA page where he posted this and pasting the comment there too? As someone who produces content, I know how much a few kind words go and I’d love for us to be able to do that for Grimay. I want to find a way to give him some of that artistic recharge you all provide for me!

Okay, and as promised, update time on the story. I am looking on track for a posting of Chapter 38 on the 21st of the month! So that’s good. Also, I’m going to be starting the Fan Reel back up! So if you’re a $5 and up patron, please go to Patreon and see what I messaged you. It’s very important. It means something.

Well, that’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed the image and, remember, please send Grimay a nice word!

Stay cool!

Happy Canada Day and American Independence Day! Now let’s talk!

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Whew! It’s been a busy few days and will continue to be for another few as my folks are in town for the Independence Day holiday here in the ol’ US of A. Also, to you crazy canucks, I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day! Now, that I have a moment, let me start by saying thanks for all the kind comments so far about Chapter 37. It wasn’t easy but it was definitely a fun write up. If I can keep them this entertaining, then chapters will get done faster I hope. But, who am I kidding, we all know I don’t start writing well until I put myself under a deadline. I’d like to pretend that isn’t the case… but it is. We all know it.

As for the monthly stuff, thanks so much for those who have donated to me. First off, thanks again to all you wonderful Patrons. As usual, our $2 and up patrons are receiving access to the MPG Vignett of the month, “A Knightly Occurrence” which is, predictably, centered on SFEERS member NightKnight. Also, I played a game of Overwatch against someone with the name NightKnight in real life. I’m apparently not as creative at coming up with screen names as I thought. Either that or I’m causing reality to weaken and my characters are bleeding in. If Robynne ever crosses over, we all understand that I’m dead and really we can’t hold it against Robynne.

Also, Grimay tells me we will definitely have his picture for July sometime at or before the 10th so it’s just around the corner! Less than a week! Woo!

I’ve posted links on the left side of the page (finally) to the MGP Wiki, MGP Forums (on the wiki), and the MGP TVTropes page. I’d like to throw a special shoutout to Lowten, Zexand, and KMetal who have all done yeoman’s work on the wiki. It’s really been helpful for me to be able to just go back and see who I have and have not said. It was super helpful for me to see names of people in SFEERS, previous descriptions of auras, and physical descriptions of characters all in one easy to find place. Eye color is something I forget a lot so… yeah. I personally am REALLY liking this wiki XD.

I’m also trying to help the forums jumpstarted so I threw up a topic in there some may remember from the old forum… monster ideas. I have need of them. If you have an idea for an MGP monster, feel free to check it out and see if maybe it sparks an idea for you.

Oh, and before I go, let me just say I’m targeting the 21st as the next chapter date. I’ll provide an update on that goal when I get Grimay’s next pic.

Let’s blow some crap up!

Chapter 37 fully up!

30 June, 2016 (11:06) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Short post here until I have time to expand it but I have completed Chapter 37! Go read! Go comment! Go team!

PS: My editors haven’t touched the chapter yet. Please forgive the errors and don’t bother pointing them out. THey’ll get ironed out later as they finally get the chance to look at them.

Chapter 37 posted… kinda

23 June, 2016 (17:39) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

So, guys, I didn’t get 37 completed. I sort of got hung on one part that sort of expanded beyond what I planned and it slowed me down. However, in the past I would have just delayed posting, but I kind of want to experiment with posting what I have so far and see how that feels. So if you want to comment on what you’ve see so far, please comment here in this post and copy over your whole thoughts when I complete this. Again, it’s just an experiment but we’ll see how it works out.

In the mean time, I plan to have the rest finished a week from now. So that’s, what, June 30th? Yeah. June 30th. That is when you shall have the rest of the chapter.

Until then, I hope what you get so far amuses you.

One more week to complete,

June Pic and other updates

14 June, 2016 (11:07) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Everyone, Grimay has come down from the mountain and has bestowed upon us the June picture! Behold!

For those wondering, yes, that is Robynne, Vivian, and, making her first visual appearance, Stacy, walking to the SFEERS social. I love how Stacy turned out. She is perfect. Her outfit was inspired by an outfit I fell in love with a LONG time ago from the Pokémon anime. It was from a one-off character named Marina. Apparently they reused the name or something because when I did a search for her some other Pokémon character came up. She had a Starmie or something. Her outfit was supposed to, I think, be some sort of one-piece surfer outfit or something but I just had Grimay change the color to orange and the leg-part of the one piece to shorts. I love how it turned out. Stacy is every bit as adorable as I hoped.

Also, before I move onto other topics, can I just point out the lighting in this picture is SOOOO good? I mean, THAT is a school hallway. The reflections are just right and have that halogen glow about them and the shadows are expertly placed. Grimay is amazing.

June 23rd is still my target date for Chapter 37 so keep an eye out for that. Also, BIG thanks to Annie for helping me get everything together for updating the art page. I’ll be spending some time the next few days getting the website all up to date.

Well, that’s it for now!

June Vignette posted.

11 June, 2016 (22:11) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Hey all, just wanted to let all my $2 and up patrons that I just posted the newest vignette. June’s vignette is called “Image Problems” and deals with an inquisitive teenager who has quite the investigative mind concerning the Spirit Guard. I really liked this one. And, interestingly, it wasn’t the story I planned when I set out to do this month’s vignette. It was something that was suggested by friend of the writer Kamizite as a concept and I fell in love with it and just started running with it 🙂

More updates to follow,

Chapter 36 is up!

5 June, 2016 (21:47) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Hey guys, just shoving this up there before I go to bed. I’ll post more here tomorrow when I’m not falling asleep. Until then, enjoy Chapter 36 and please let me know what you thought.
All right! Now that I have a moment let’s get a proper post up here. As previously stated, Chapter 36 is up! We continue the adventures of Robynne at the SFEERS social. Should be good I hope. We already have a few people saying they have enjoyed the chapter so that bodes well.

There has been more efforts updating the MGP Wiki and TVTropes page. Thanks again so much guys! It really makes me feel good to see those updated!

Now for an update on the beginning of the month things. First, I have started work on the June MGP vignette. That should be done no later than Friday. ALso, I’ve received sketches from Grimay so the completed image will no doubt show up this week or the next if he follows his normal schedule. I didn’t give him as much heads up as last time so we’re a little behind schedule on the pic. Still, it’s really good. This month’s image will give us our first image of *gasp* Stacy! So you know it’s good.

As for the next chapter, I have a targeted completion date of June 23rd. I’ll update the image sometime when I get home… also, if anyone knows a more dynamic way for me to make an image that has a fill-bar and dates on it that don’t involve me editing the pic in Photoshop and reuploading the updated image to the web via FTP every time, let me know. Oh, I’m also planning on adding the MGP wiki and TVTropes pages to the left bar. Maybe a link to the forum in the wiki as well. Is the forum something you guys want to use? I feel if we are going to do that, it’d need more activity from you guys as I can more easily get messages I need out in this space. I don’t know. Ideas? Would appointing someone a sort of forum guru who tries to keep the pot stirring help? Just sort of spitballing here.

Oh, and I need help on a big project from those who are willing. The fan art page is woefully out of date. I’ve posted a bunch of images through the front page and need to get these updates up. Would someone be willing to thumb through my front page posts, and give me a list of…

  • What the image is
  • Image url
  • Who made it?
  • What date did I post it?

If I could get help like that, I could update that page much faster! Oh, also, this is a quick aside, I’m trying to quit drinking soda (except on weekends because… I really know how to party?). So a reminder to keep you all updated on my progress would be awesome.

You all have been absolute gems! Thanks so much for your help and I really look forward to reading all your comments on chapter 36 when I get home!

All work and no soda makes Taralynn a dull girl,

Quick update on 36’s progress

31 May, 2016 (18:29) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

With May almost over sadly the chapter isn’t done. I got delayed by Overwatch, yes, but I was more delayed by me forgetting I agreed to host something at my place and had to get it ready because I live like a pig when I think no one is coming over. Sorry about that. I’m expecting chapter completion sometime around June 4th-June7th. Sorry for the delay. In other news, I’ve been having a lot of fun with our conversation in chat. I look forward to more chats. Also, I do still love Overwatch and you all should play it. Also to all those working on our TVTropes page and our wiki… I love you!

I love it all,