February Vignette and commissioned art posted!

1 February, 2016 (10:40) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Hey everyone! The newest Vignette has been posted for all my $2 and up patrons. This one is titled “Life of the Party” and is a continuation of the storyline of Todd “Synthopy” Walker’s tabletop RPG group. I have no clue why they are so fun to write but they’ve been an insanely fun group to put together. Maybe I’m enjoying it more than you all but, nonetheless, it’s got to be at least mildly amusing.

But bigger is the news that February’s commissioned artwork is done! This month I went back to the well of Grimay. He is amazing and I decided to see if he could recreate the scene of Vivian holding up the bribe-dress up to Robynne against Robynne’s wishes. And… well… he nailed it!

If you want the high rez version click on this image

How does he do it? I mean, Vivian’s expression is just the perfect mixture of amusement and mischeviousness. And Robynne just looks so tired and annoyed. Chapter 30 was a fun chapter. This picture captures it perfectly. Grimay… dude… dude be amazing. Just the best!

One more note, those of you who are $5 and up patrons, you have another week to get your commentary on Chapter 10’s Fan Reel. So far only two of you have taken advantage of it! I hope more of you decide to join in on the fun! We love to see your quips! Don’t hesitate!

May February be better weather than January,
Taralynn Andrews

31 flavors of MGP!

26 January, 2016 (12:53) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

It’s up folks! Enjoy your reading of Chapter 31 of MGP! This is one of the funnest chapters I’ve ever written so I hope you enjoy it twice as much as I enjoyed reading it! As always, please leave comments after you read to let me know what you thought did and did not work for you.

In other news, I want to close the fan commentary for our latest fan commentary chapter but, sadly, we haven’t had as much participation! I’ll give it two more weeks. Hopefully some of the people $5 and up patrons will enjoy adding their peanut gallery commentary to the chapter.

Well, I must return to work. Really looking forward to seeing your comments!

May your day be awesome!
Taralynn Andrews

Caught up on vignettes and assorted thoughts

18 January, 2016 (12:07) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

I finally got caught up on all my vignettes over the weekend. I got the January one up for all my $2 and up patrons. I’m really proud of it. This little string following Synthopy’s tabletop RPG group has been a lot of fun. Not sure how much longer I’ll deal with them but I feel February will at least have a continuation of that story. Beyond that, not sure. But, for now, really fun.

As a side note, this vignette takes place in the campus library. If you’re a patron you already heard this story but I like sharing this. The Library on campus is officially named the Agnes N. Volka Library, making the acronym ANVL. Thus, all the students and faculty just call the library “The Anvil.” I don’t know if it’s true across all campuses, but on mine, all buildings were known almost exclusively by their acronyms if they were even close to something that flowed. I decided I’d bring that thought process to the SAU campus too. In my head, the Library is even shaped like a squarish capital-I so, from a bird’s-eye-view, it looks a bit like a simplified anvil (like maybe one you’d see in Minecraft or something).

I imagine the library would embrace this moniker. I could totally see a few Soviet Russia propaganda-styled posters encouraging students to study at the Anvil. Details like this are VERY unlikely to ever show up in the story but it amuses me to no end when I imagine such things. I think this shows the frenzied mind of a writer more than anything but… well… yeah XD

We still have a week or two on the fan commentary for Chapter 10. So if you’re a $5 and up patron feel free to throw your fun commentary on the chapter so we can get it ready for everyone to laugh at your jokes!

Oh, and one more thing that doesn’t relate to ANY of this. I’ve discovered a genre of music called “Electro Swing” that has been my latest obsession. I have always been obsessed with old timey fashion and music but this combines what I love about modern music with the old stuff. Here is a song called “Bella Belle” by “The Electric Swing Circus” to kind of get a feel for the genre. I don’t know what your thoughts on it are but it’s really getting me jazzed up. Also it just makes me want to come up with the most convoluted series of events to force Robynne into being some seedy speakeasy’s sultry lounge singer… time travel seems a bit far-fetched for MGP’s plot and we might have to ruin the story to make it work but isn’t that worth it? XD
I promise not to ruin the story… intentionally!
Taralynn Andrews

Happy New Year! And I’m free!

1 January, 2016 (17:59) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

It is with great delight I say that I’m free from the most insanely busy time of the year for those in my line of work. In the past month I have worked a little over 210 hours at my job. You will note that this is a very large number. But with the turn of the year the busy season is over and I can return to a normal schedule.

First things, first. I have updated my patreon goals. They are much more realistic given my current situation. The previous goals, as stated last post, were made back when I was unemployed and had unemployed time. Now that I work a full time job, the current goals will be much more in line with what I can actually achieve. You will also I’ve put a hard date on when the next chapter comes out. I have a feeling you will not be disappointed!

And, for you patrons who are donating $2 a month or more, the December Vignette has been posted. It’s a continuation of the story started in November. January’s (which I plan to post sometime in the next week or two) will also continue that story. I might even extend this out to February. Not sure just yet.

One of the new things we are doing with the Patreon money is commissioning artwork once a month that I inside the story’s cannon. We got the first bit last month with Grimay’s pic of Robynne and Cammy’s battle of wits at lunch as seen in chapter 30. January’s image isn’t from a scene that you have seen but one we’ve talked about. Behold, Angela spending her freshman year handing out flyers for Cheer Squad!

If you want the high rez version click on this image

In case you are unfamiliar with our parent website, this art is drawn by the veritable, adorable, megalomaniacal Pip! I tapped him for this because freshman year Angela is bursting with enthusiasm and exhuberance! She was Cammy’s prized promoter after all! I feel exuberance is an emotion that Pip is especially accomplished at portraying. I didn’t tell him what to actually put on the flyers that Angela was handing out. I just told him I wanted it to be something from the Sock Hop Society and something funny. I feel he did not disappoint. My favorite touch that he added (without any direction on my part) was the trash bin right around the corner with all the discarded flyers. If anyone has been handed a pamphlet on a college campus, you’ve likely experienced the phenomenon yourself. The nearest trash bin will be FULL of those very handouts. And freshman-year Angela is just energetic, naïve, and single-minded enough to not notice! XD Thanks so much for this wonderful art, Pip!

Oh, and for those of you wanting more MGP commentaries, don’t worry. That’s next on my to-do list this weekend. Lots to do but we are going to get it done! It’s a new year after all and 2016 promises to be the best one yet!

I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes over the holidays. As I stated before it was VERY busy for me and, sadly, I wasn’t able to go home for Christmas so while it could feel lonely, the friendly notes and comments warmed my heart through the cold season! Thanks so much for filling my season with cheer… leaders. Okay, not really but I needed the pun XD

May you achieve all your New Years resolutions!
Taralynn Andrews

And a happy New Year!

25 December, 2015 (19:29) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Merry Christmas all you wonderful people! Here is what is going on this month with good ol’ Taralynn.

The holidays are a bit rough when it comes to getting content out as there will be obvious family conflicts and stuff. Plus, judging from traffic data, the readers have the same issue. For that I have been trying to use December to catch up on a few things that have fallen behind.

First, I’m going to catch up on the MGP Vignettes for November and December. I just posted the November one. I’m going to do my best to get the December one up before the 31st. Once those are done, I will be working on getting the fan commentaries for the next few chapters of MGP going. Just trying to find time in the day has been hard but I have some time opening up that was going to be used before so I think I can do it. The difficulty is the job I work now is sort of swamped at the end of the year. I’m working a lot of overtime. But I will try my best!

So this is where some bad news comes in. Now that I’m working a full-time job I’m realizing I was far too optimistic with a few goals, especially in regards to my stretch goals for Patreon. These goals were created back when I was struggling through unemployment and had a lot more free-time. Now, sadly, a few things aren’t possible. 1st, two chapters a month doesn’t feel realistic anymore. I’m going to modify my schedule to try to achieve a chapter once every three weeks instead. That feels much more doable for me now.

Next big change… I’m ending SCIRT and just ending most stretch goals altogether that relate to me putting out more content quicker. As much as it pains me to do so, I just don’t like stringing you all along the way I have the past few months as I haven’t been able to hit the benchmarks I had hoped. What I did of SCIRT I’ll leave available for viewing and maybe it’s something I can go back to in the future if more time opens up.

I still want to keep doing Vignettes, Chapter commentaries, and Chapter previews for the various levels of Patrons I have. Commentaries and previews aren’t a big deal. The problem comes with the vignettes. Not due to the frequency (once I catch up I’ll be fine. My bosses indicate that once it becomes 2016 work volumes will plummet) but because, well, I’m surprised to find I’m starting to run out of ideas a little bit. I didn’t expect the Vignettes to go through these ideas as fast as they have (though part of that is the fact that I’m playing catchup and one of the longer series I had planned is something I’m having to write in quick succession). But, rest assured, if I run out of cannon MGP stuff to write Vignettes on, I might branch out into less canonical stuff. Which may just be more fun anyway >:)

In the meantime, I want to get a bit more art commissioned to make up for the lack of stuff like SCIRT. The Grimay picture turned out so well that I really am looking to get some more done as sort of a thank you to you all for your patience with me as I have adjusted to having a full time job. I’m thinking I will do a monthly commissioned piece of art and, if donations increase, we’ll do even more. Maybe if we get back up to $200 a month we’ll do something like, I don’t know, not-cannon pictures. If you can’t tell, not-cannon stuff is intriguing me right now.

If anyone else has an artist with reasonable prices on commissions up for suggestion, I’m all ears… eyes… whatever. Speaking of art, wonderful and amazing fan of the story, Darkness (please don’t attack the Darkness) has sent to us some wonderful art of Spirit Guard Valor. He has entitled this piece “Game Over”

If you want the high rez version click on this image

This is obviously an amazing piece of his imagining of the end of the fight between the Spirit Guard and Polygal in chapter 1. I have to say a few things really stand out in the piece. First of all, his ability to draw a foreshortened sword is, in a word, amazing. When I draw I can’t even BEGIN to try something like that. Never looks right. But he nailed it. But the other thing that I really like is the gemstone shield. It’s not how I imagined it myself but it definitely does have that magical girl feel to it. I mean, it’s just really cool. Maybe in the next pass of the story I might retcon that because it is really quite the impressive mental image.

One last item is I have a deviantart page where I try to keep the story somewhat up to date (I’d like to keep it a little behind to motivate people to come to MY site of course) but I’ve learned I can’t really keep it up to date very well. I need help from someone who’d be willing to copy my chapters (including formatting like italics) into easy-to-post nuggets on dA. If you are willing to help me with that, please send me an email to my email address taralynnand@gmail.com Someone was gracious enough to step up and be amazing and help me out with this! Thanks so much all of you who offered to help! It warms my heart!

Hope your holidays are filled with cheer!
Taralynn Andrews

MGP hits 30. Mid-life crisis around the corner!

2 December, 2015 (21:49) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

All right! It took forever but Chapter 30 is up! So sorry for the delay all but, holidays what they are, well, it happened. Plus the chapter is long and involved a six person conversation. Those… take a while.

Now, I’m going to collapse in a cough medicine induced coma as I have an annoying case of the sniffles. Toodaloo!

REALLY hope you like it,

30 delay

19 November, 2015 (16:36) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Just wanted to give a quick update. I’ve been delayed so the chapter will be coming out sometime next week… along with some new fanart from Darkness that I’m excited about! :D

Sorry for the delay,

The commission is done!

12 November, 2015 (18:54) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Everyone, this post will be short and sweet but… you know how some hero in the chatroom suggested I use Grimay for commissions? Well… that’s totally what happened. I commissioned him to draw the scene between Robynne and Cammy and… well… LOOK!

If you want the high rez version click on this image

Is that not unbelievably AWESOME!?!?! Look at that? The details on their food! The laid-back, smug, calculating demeanor of Cammy! The grumpy, off-put, put observant demeanor of Robynne! The background! Robynne’s clothes look baggy and thick! THE FOOD STAINS ON ROBYNNE’S FACE! It’s all so perfect! It’s like someone sent me a still from MGP the Anime! I can’t stop staring!

Grimay was wonderful to work with and his prices are INSANE! Give him some love on deviantart!

Can’t stop geeking out,

PS: Chapter coming some time next week

Halloween Vignette for Patrons!

2 November, 2015 (15:10) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

This is a very short announcement for my Patrons. As you may have noticed October didn’t have a vignette… OR DID IT!?

I posted one on Halloween night. Head over to my patron page to read it Patrons! It wasn’t MGP based (OR WAS IT… okay, not really, no) but I decided to get in the gloomy, spooky mood for Halloween… though still had some fun. I hope you can enjoy it.
Hope to have the next chapter up next week or the week after that,

Thanks for the comments!

23 October, 2015 (07:35) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Wow you guys! The comments for Chapter 29 of MGP have been wildly positive! Thanks so much! I also want to give a special thank you to those who have been spotting a few inconsistencies and continuity errors… errors that for some reason seem to involve Vivian moreso than any other character. Must be because she’s too awesome to be contained by mere continuity! Or because I sometimes forget stuff and since I’m a discovery writer I don’t have the best notes. Thus, comments like Deencolo’s that point out each chapter there is a discrepancy… SO helpful! I mean, I started writing the reboot version of this story back in 2012. it’s been 3 years since then and I’m bound to forget stuff in that time.

There are bound to be a few retcons here and there as well as ideas that were vague back then are coming into focus for me now. Next chapter there will be one of them for sure. Nothing big, but little things that will make sense going forward. But if you guys ever find what you think is maybe a conflict in the story, let me know. I write by the seat of my pants and sometimes that seat gets thin. :)
Big girl job time!