Chapter 52 is up

Hey Deskers. I’ll be posting something more in depth here later today but Chapter 52 is up. I’d go into more detail but train internet is spotty and I want to be able to say more. Look forward to me saying more in about 10-12 hours. By the end of the day we should have a new image and a new issue of Villain-in-Distress as well.

Update 2: Okay, in addition to the new chapter being out, I have put out a big pin-up picture of Team Rocket Grunt Robynne fighting Pokemon Trainer Angela. I also finally posted Issue 17 of Villain-in-Distress if you’re a Patron of mine. I will be finally getting around to making the correct episodes public too in a bit. Almost out of time on train back home. Will update again soon… and by “soon” I mean “tonight.” Given my recent history I figure it’s best to be a bit more precise in my language.

Update 3 (final update of the night): I have posted a big long spiel on my Patreon about where I’ve been and some changes I’m making to improve my output. I don’t want to rehash it all here because it’s sort of a long post but one thing I did want to say is that I’m sorry Chapter 52 is a bit short. I felt it ended before I wanted it to but then I got to thinking about where I actually wanted it to end and realized that would be a lot more writing and I had been quiet and content dry for long enough it was better to post something to let you all know I was still alive and give you something to read than to wait for it to be the “right” length.

One big takeaway from a lot of the reading and self-inspection I’ve been doing is I have a tendency to really wait for something to be perfect and I don’t focus enough on the idea that it’s more important to just get your reps in and improve. Regardless, you’ll be seeing more of me soon so don’t worry. And I really want to thank one reader in particular. Kamizite, the author of Peppy Goddess Mandate, who has helped me verbalize a lot of my thoughts. Kamizite, you’re a true friend. Thanks.

Until next time,

Writer’s Block is officially busted

Chapter 51 of Magical Girl Policy is now posted.

I wish I had some clever words to say here but I’m just glad I finally got this finished. I’ve been struggling with what to write for months. I don’t like it but I have to get comfortable with “good is good enough” as a concept. It’s something I struggle with. A lot. I can only hope it measures up to your standards as you are the ones I do it for.

The cool thing is that is not the only thing I bring you today! We have several pieces of art! We have the reward picture for Planetar, who won the Magical Gridiron Posse Fantasy Football League! Condolences to Joni, who got second place for the second year in a row. You’ll get their next year! But because Planetar won, the DolFans Cheerleaders were forced to get cheering and I had to join in. Needless to say, Polygal, myself, Jodi Ryder, and Day LaMode weren’t pleased.

Next is the February picture of… well I guess it’s not really spoilers but it involves Robynne and sort of a scene from this chapter. Normally I wouldn’t go into detail because I consider this so minor but I’ve had people voice concerns about hating even little spoilers so just read the chapter and see for yourself. The one positive of taking a long time to get the chapter done is that I can at least get topical art it seems.

The last is the Pin-up for that month which is Lovesick Noriko!

Even better, there is even more writing for you! Kamizite has finished chapter 4 of Peppy Goddess Mandate. Continue and follow the journey of Raelynn as she meets some new old faces.
Lastly, the polls are up for March and April’s pin-up pics and they are tied together. For March you are voting for what Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer Angela will use and which Pokemon (and outfit) Team Rocket Grunt Robynne will use. Yup. In some weird Pokemon universe Robynne is evil. Anyone want to write that fanfic? No? Well,
I think it’s funny. So yeah, if you’re a $5 and up patron go vote for those!

Anyway, I’m excited to say my writer’s block has been busted and I can get back to producing content more regularly.
Hope everyone is staying warm this winter!

A new year

So, I finally got caught up on posting a lot of my content that I’ve been sitting on. Let’s start off with pictures which can all be seen with full write-ups on my Patreon page. We have the November Pin-up “Cammy the Stream Queen”, the December canon image “Winter’s Wrap”, the December Pin-up “Mrs. Kara Clause”, and the AMAZING full team pic of the Spirit Guard! That last one was a present from Kamizite to me and the entire community so everyone please go see it in all it’s commissioned majesty!

Speaking of Kamizite, Chapter 3 of “Pretty Goddess Mandate” is ready for your reading pleasure. The story is sure taking different turns than I originally intended but then again I didn’t imagine Robynne as a goddess so liberties had to be taken! XD But seriously, we need more Impala’s on rainbow roads.

On the Villain-in-Distress front, two more Issues have gone public since I last posted so go ahead and enjoy Issues 11 and 12. And, if you’re a $2 or up Patron, Issue 16 has finally gone live. I am sorry for the delay but… well, the end of the year was crazy for me as it usually is in my job but this year was particularly crazy due to an office change.

Speaking of, yes, we moved offices at my work and it’s added time to my commute. This would normally be bad for writing production but, it’s actually rather good news when it comes to writing. You see, it’s now far enough away I can ride a train to work. A train that has wifi. It takes me about an hour to get to and from work and I am pleased to report that I have committed to writing every train ride! You might be thinking that’s crazy but… I actually have done it. Issue 16 of Villain-in-Distress was written completely ON TRAIN! This is very good news and you can expect the next chapter of MGP to be out sooner rather than later!

I hope you all had awesome Christmas seasons and an even better New Year! It’s looking good so far this year and I’m looking forwad to getting this year started off with a bang!

Talk to you soon!

So many images… oh! And more PGM!

I went on a blitz trying to get caught up on all our missing images and… whew! Exhausting but it’s done! We are one November pin-up image away from being completely caught up on art! “So, what art was posted?” you may ask. Well, hypothetical question-asker, let me tell you!

Whew! That’s a lot of art!

But even better than art, Kamizite has another chapter of Peppy Goddess Mandate for you all to read! I personally am really enjoying his story and think you should too!

In other news I am officially out of my writer’s block. Or… well I guess once I post something I’ll officially be out but, rest assured, I am feeling wonderful and even though we ARE entering the busiest time of the year for me in my business, I feel ready for this challenge in a way I haven’t before. You should see something in the next few weeks. In any case, those of you stateside I hope you have a happy Thansksgiving. Everyone else, I hope the step into the holiday season treats you well and that I should be leaving presents under your proverbial tree very soon!

Ho-ho-holy sugar I need to get back to work!

Introducing “Peppy Goddess Mandate”

This is an awesome day for me. Not only have I been very productive the last few days but I’ve had the good pleasure of working with a friend of mine whom you’re familiar with, Kamizite. My buddy Kami is the artist behind my shortlived collaberation of Villains Union of America. As I think about it, that was sort of my precursor in some ways to Villain-in-Distress… but I digress. At any rate, Kami and I have had on-again, off-again RP sessions. Most of them tend to involve my MGP characters thrown into various hilarious circumstances. Most of them Robynne doesn’t like. But one stuck for a very long time. It was an interesting concept that Kamizite has decided to turn into an actual AU Fanfic of MGP. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to bring this to you myself.

So, without further adieu… Peppy Goddess Mandate: Chapter 1. I hope you all will enjoy his story as much as I do.

In other news, I’m almost caught up on commissions and getting Villain-in-Distress for last month ready to go. I also feel like I’m about to break my writer’s block on MGP. I’ve been keeping up with my 50 words per day promise (which is, as I hoped, turning into a LOT more than 50 words per day but keeping me in a writer’s headspace).

You all are much better fans than I deserve,

Time for an apology

I’ve kind of done a piss-poor job of keeping you all in the loop. For that I’m sorry. And a lot of other things. But mostly I’m sorry for not being honest with you all because you A) deserve it and B) have shown nothing but respect for me and my various issues. I couldn’t ask for a better, more patient fanbase.

In all honesty I’ve been struggling with writing. While September was a very challenging month for me with my internet going out, getting horribly sick towards the end of the month, and my workload at my day job increasing, none of these should have derailed my writing schedule. No. What’s derailed my writing schedule is horrible, terrible writing block.

I don’t have the issue some writer’s have of Imposter Syndrome. I am, thanks to your kind words, very confident in my writing ability. No, my problem is how far I’ve fallen behind. I suffer from a condition called “shame” and the further I fall behind, the more guilty I feel. Because of that guilt (which, I might add, I don’t like feeling. It’s a troublesome emotion XD) I then put off writing. When I do start writing, because of my writer’s block, I get frustrated and then find any excuse to not actually write.

Unfortunately this has extended to almost everything including lining up commissions and such. I just didn’t want to deal with it because it made me feel guilt for not following through. In all honesty, my biggest issue with content creation is the singular fact that I am a hare, not a tortoise. I have huge bursts of creative production followed by lulls of nothing. That kills writing. Every podcast and piece of advice that talks about writing will tell you this. And yet, I have failed to heed the warnings.

But I’m also a believer in the wisdom given to us by the one-hit wonder band Chumbawumba, “I get knocked down, but I get back up again.” I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t believe it was necessary to apologize for the trust I have betrayed by my inactivity and if I hadn’t taken steps to fix it. I have set up for myself an accountability coach when it comes to my content production. They have access to my to-do lists and follow up with me and now we have consequences for me not following through. What is the big goal I have set for myself?

50 words a day.

It’s not a big goal. But 50 is WAY better than 0. Mathematically speaking, you could argue infinitely better. There is a famous Reddit post that I loved even though I’ve been bad at following called “No More Zero Days” and that’s what I’m aiming for. Now, there are exception days of course. I’m leaving vacations free and holidays. But otherwise, I need to be willing to give this at least a little bit of time a day, no matter how bad the writer’s block. I also firmly believe the best way to fix a writer’s block is to write. I just… haven’t followed through on my own beliefs because work is hard.

In the end, I think that’s true of most things in life. We KNOW the solution to them but also know the solution takes hard work, dedication, and willpower and it’s easier to avoid those things. So, that’s why I have now paid someone to be my accountability coach when it comes to writing. Because you’re worth it.And frankly, I believe I’m worth it too. Don’t you worry about ol’ Taralynn. She’s not moping in self-pity. Just grumbling at confronting my shortcomings. It’s not fun. It’s easier to just play the new Spider-man game (because seriously it’s amazing) and avoid problems.

Well, with that bit out of the way let me tell you what I’ve done today. With the help of my accountability coach I’ve arranged for 3 new commissions so that we can catch up and remove a huge source of guilt from my shoulders (being behind). I have posted two polls for the pin-up images in October and November. The October one is a repeat of last year’s Babes of Bad Endings idea. Same options as last year except the winner of last year was removed. The November poll is based on the idea that some girls are just a little too high and might and need to take a walk on the nerdy side. If you’re a $5 and up patron please vote for the pin-ups so we can get started on getting those commissioned out as well.

So, the writing priority is going to be me finishing September’s Issue of Villains-in-Distress (it’s about half done) then getting October’s done, then… tackle this beast of a writer’s block on MGP. Attack it with… um.. fury! And vigor! And vim! Have you ever heard the word vim used by itself? I know I haven’t… that sounds like something Cory might observe. I’m going to file that one away as a possible line later.

Anywho, I have two more announcements. First, an old name you all may recognize, Kamizite, and I are teaming up once more. For those who don’t know, Kamizite and I teamed up to write Villains Union of America before we had to abandon that project because we got too busy in real life. Well… I know you all are thinking, “Taralynn! You just told us you are having problem with what’s on your plate RIGHT NOW! You can’t possibly add…”

Okay. Okay. Calm down. I hear you. This isn’t anything like that. Kamizite has just expressed an interest in publishing a story of his on the site. So, I’m going to be offering him a space. He hasn’t decided on a subject yet but I think, of the projects he has outlines, you’ll like whichever one he chooses. This will give us another item that can be psoted on teh site for your reading pleasure without loading more work on ol’ Taralynn. Don’t you worry. I just wanted to let you know somethign is coming and we’ll let you know more when it’s time.

Last announcement is I am totally psyched for the new Super Smash Bros. coming out in December. As such, I want to do something special. Something I’ve never done before. It will be related to the pin-up image in December. I don’t want to spoil things so let me just say… stay tuned.

Thanks again for your patience and well wishes. Now, just give me all your positive energy, vibes, prayers, and mojo to help me achieve my 50 words per day goal!

You all are the best fanbase a girl could ask for!

MGPFFL is back, commissions posted, and Villain-in-Distress updates!

Okay, first of all, I want to thank you all for your patience. I mentioned this on Patreon but I recently had a change to my shifts. I’m now on four-days a week, ten hours a day. While the hours are the same, how my week is structured is very different. I’m still adjusting and needing to be better at fighting through the fatigue I feel after a 10 hour day. In theory with my extra day off I should be more productive but… well time will tell on that one.

Regardless, this isn’t a woe-is-me post but rather a triumphant post showing that I’m catching up!

First, I want everyone to consider joining season two of the Magical Gridiron Posse Fantasy Football League (MGPFFL). I am the defending champ and have written up an entire post on how you can join over on Patreon. I also explain how you can draft cheerleaders to root for your team. Don’t you want the chance to have the likes of Robynne, Vytri, Cali Fawx, or even Rule 63 Cory and Eli to cheer for your team? See, this is simply just true and you should look this up.

With that out of the way, the biggest announcement is I’ve caught up on Villain-in-Distress! Issue 7 and Issue 8 have gone public! And, for those who are $2+ patrons on my Patreon, Issue 14 is live! Thanks so much for being patient with me in getting those up! I look forward to reading what you all have to say about the Issue.

Lastly, the most recent commissions have also been posted on my Patreon. I don’t have the time to upload them here but you can easily access them here. All commissions, pin-up or canon, are public to see. We have several pin-ups from the summer of crossover series along with some canon images like Vytri’s alleyway waltz.

I’d like to talk more but, sadly, I am actually in a bit of a rush! You will hear again from me soon as I should have another chapter of MGP ready in the next week or two! I just hope I can get caught up on my commissions in the next month or so.

Regardless, glad to be posting again,

Villain-in-Distress Issue 12 is up and art update

Hey guys, short post here but, yes, indeed, Villain-in-Distress issue 12 is available for all $2 and up patrons on my Patreon right now and will go public in December. I had an interesting time writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

In other news (though decidedly worse news) is that the art for this month got delayed. My pin-up artist had to cancel and my canon artist is telling me their schedule may prevent them from getting it done before the month is over. So, glass half-empty, there may not be any art presented in June. Glass half-full, that could mean four pieces of art going up in July! So… yay? Oh, and the voting for July’s pin-up picture is now live for $5 and up patrons to go vote on. The topic, in continuing with the summer of crossovers is which MGP characters cross over into the Villain-in-Distress universe.

Hope you enjoy this issue of ViD,