So, what’s going on?

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So I just posted the May Vignette called “Back to Basics”. It focuses on a different area of the social they are currently at. It’s somethign I sort of wanted to do but it didn’t feel like it was important enough to put in the official chapters. I hope those of you who are $2 and up enjoy it.

Now I’ve got some really awesome news. Reader and general wonderful person Lowten has made a WIKI for MGP! Seriously! This is going to be very helpful for me as a writer but maybe also for you readers. You all should check it out and, if it sparks your interest. Add to it! Also, this is another good time for me to link us to the TVTropes page for people to also edit if they so like it. You have no idea how much it buoys my spirits to see you all making stuff around my universe. I get sooooo giddy when I see that. So, again, HUGE thanks to Lowten! Everyone should give Lowten a digital high five or pat on the back!

So the chapter should be done before the end of the month. I also have commissioned Grimay for the June picture. So content is on the way! Just know that if it isn’t done by the end of the month know that it’s entirely Overwatch’s fault as it’s coming out today. Basically it’s awesome and you all should play it :)

Mei is adorable,

May’s pic and other stuff!

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Okay, after the whirlwind of a day yesterday, we have a new month and a new monthly image. This time, I decided to go with the venerable DracoDragite once again. The picture… Robynne’s cheer profile! Sure, it’s a bit of a spoiler as it hasn’t technically been finished by Stacy yet but… well… who can resist seeing a tortured Robynne posing?

In other news. Commentary for chatper 35 has been completed. I’m looking forward to your comments on the chapter.

In asking DracoDragite what was the most difficult part about this commission I expected him to say “pompoms” as those things look like a bear to draw to me. I was surprised when he said “the letters on the top are so hard to make look right.” Now that he said that, I couldn’t help but feel he did a great job with it. Also, again, doesn’t Robynne just look soooooo into her photos?

Okay, let’s get one last prompt in here for good measure- monsters are real and the Spirit Guard get turned into them. What would be funniest? For me, I’m thinking Robynne as some vampire’s sexy sire, because Robynne dressed as a goth is funny. You?

Thanks for all the support for 3 in April!

It’s crunch time for 3 in April…

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Okay everyone. I’m going to try to rush this thing out. This post will give you an update as the day goes. The deadline, 6:30pm my time when I’ve agreed to go see
Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies
in the dollar theatre with my friend. Give me all your positive energies! Feed them to me! I will be updating this post as needed!

  • 9:25am- At the start of the day I had 2 pages done. I have just returned to make this post armed with a Diet Dr Pepper and a steak & cheese sub from 7-11. I’m surprised at the quality of the sub. Give it a try. As for writing, got stuck when I couldn’t remember what I named the class Robynne now plays in Aspect Realms. Contact reader Shadowmaster who helps me out when I forget things. Rippleblade. Waveförm the Seraphim Rippleblade. It’s coming back to me now
  • 12:13pm- We are now up to 4 pages. I think I’m about halfway done. I also have a bit more time as Pride, Prejudice and Zombies doesn’t have a showing until later than I thought so I’m likely able to post around 8pm my time and still have plenty of time to go see that. So… progress! As I have not have had lunch and I just got paid, I’m going to go get sushi for lunch! I’ve earned it! Time to treat myself.
  • 1:21pm- Back from sushi. Mmmmm. Stomach full. Back to writing!
  • 3:56pm- Finished the rough draft of my chapter! Now I’m having some friends look it over to find my errors. It’s looking like we WILL publish tonight, even if it’s without comments. I’m going to finally take a shower! Yay for not smelling like old shoes!
  • 7:27pm- Editting done! Special thanks to Shadowmaster and SuperJordan for helping me get this chapter ready. Getting stuff ready for posting!
  • 7:36pm- Chapter posted! Wooo! We did it! We did it! Hooraaaay! Okay, so here is the plan, tomorrow I’ll make another post giving you all the monthly image, writing up the comments for the chapter, updating the website, and relaxing. Guys, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. It definitely helped. This month was a BIG boost to my confidence. I was able to get three (admittedly short) chapters posted in the busiest month my job provides due to tax time while also playing too much Overwatch and watching too much Gravity Falls! It lets me know I can accomplish any goal as long as I make put enough effort into it. Will I be making a habit of this? Sorry, no. This was a bit too much for me, but it is a great motivator. Whew! Thanks again guys. You are the best!

Yes we did!

PS: as you can probably guess, the vignette chapter will not be ready tomorrow. I’ll be aiming for later in the week. Sorry to all you patrons.

Okay, we made it to 2 in April…

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Chapter 34, done! Now I just have 5 days to get 35 done to meet my goal. Thursday is my big day to write so if I could get all the mental positive energy heading my way that you have on Thursday, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve been really impressed by the responses people have been giving me for these prompts. I have to say you all have a lot of creativity! What I loved most from this one was all the various names people came up with for off-brand Mountain Dew! Some of those were just perfect! Okay, next prompt:

The author snaps her fingers and the MGP-verse suddenly becomes a traditional super-hero universe. What are the various characters powers/role. Rules: No elemental powers as the girls have those in the MGP-verse. Also, they don’t HAVE to have powers. If you feel someone would work better as a spunky newswoman than a super heroine, go for it!

One more thing. Just finished watching Gravity Falls. Wow… that show was GREAT! If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s only two seasons and it’s got SO MUCH depth for a kids show. Honey, it’s got so much depth for any show! I can’t speak highly enough of it. Also… Gravity Falls HAS interfered with chapter progress so… probably for the best that I finished it XD

See you next summer,

Chapter 33 is up! One down. Three to go!

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Yes! There it is! Chapter 33 is posted! Now, to warn you. This chapter is considerably shorter than some of my other works. Sadly it’s part of what must happen to get three done this month. But I still like it and find it enjoyable.

In other news, man, you all are REALLY being responsive to my superhero question. Like… a lot. Wow. Thanks so much! It’s been a big motivator!

Let’s get another prompt going, shall we?

The prompt: What are the favorite foods of each of the main cast? I am looking for more Bland Name Products if possible. Here is a list:

  • Junk food
  • Soda-Robynne’s is already decided- She drink Pep MD :)
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Sit-down restaurant

What words do you always misspell? For me, it’s always opened (I always want there to be a 2nd ‘n’), restaurant (I spell it ‘restaraunt’ usually), and shield (It feels like the ‘e’ should come first to me)

Next chapter should be up on the 23rd!

3 in April… sooooooorta on track?

14 April, 2016 (10:20) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

So… today I should have a chapter up… it won’t be ready today. How can I say I’m still on track then? Well, it’s ALMOST done. It’ll get posted either Friday the 15th or Saturday the 16th. That obviously leaves a crunch for 34 and 35 but I CAN do this!

In other news, I want to thank you all so much for the big help you’ve provided in responding to my prompt and giving me ideas for how you view the characters (some of which I know I’m using!). So, last time I asked your opinions on what shows all the characters would like. Let’s flip the script a bit here. Let’s flesh out some of the ideas for Robynne’s favorite comic series, Collider!

Collider is a super-heroine based upon something Pip came up with for his Mercynaries series. I’ve appropriated gotten his permission to use the title for Robynne’s favorite comic book hero. Collider has simple powers of super-strength and momentum-manipulation (she bounces off of things and has things bounce off of her in ways that defy physics). I’m trying to think of some villains who could be interesting for her to fight, other heroes and heroines she can fight with, a super-team she’s joined before, and maybe some fake sagas I could namedrop here soon as Robynne WILL be surrounded by nerds. I look forward to the help you all will no-doubt provide!
Thanks for all the encouragement!

April Vignette posted & April pics

3 April, 2016 (09:32) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

As promised, here are the April pictures, albeit two days late. Have to apologize. I recently upgraded my hard drive but the new hard drive didn’t have my FTP password so I had to go looking for them because my FTP password is a good password that is basically a random string of letters and numbers… that I have no way of ever remembering off the top of my head. Go me. But, as promised, here is this month’s image done by the master magician of MGP art himself- Grimay!

Again… this man. He perfectly captures the Vivian and Robynne dynamic at that photoshoot. They are so adorable together. I basically could do a buddy cop story at this point featuring Robynne and Vivian and make it work. Plus don’t they look super-cute in their cheer uniforms? I think so anyway (though I doubt Robynne is happy to agree.

In other news, I’m loving your responses to my “Character’s favorite movies and shows” question. Some of the Bland Name Products coming out of this are great. I think my favorite so far is not even a show but a combonation of some of the replacements for Netflix Annie made. I think I’d combine her Webflix and Netvidz idea for Webvidz. Seems about right for this universe. Also, I love the idea of Stacy watching something like Project Runway but as far as Bland Name Products goes I think we’d title something like Catwalk Combat or Catwalk Clash would work better. Some of the better discussion has been on Cory and Vivian though. I have loved the conversation about how they would have thought about this and couldn’t make the obvious picks. They’d totally be hipsters about it and force themselves to say more esoteric things. It IS the hipster way after all.

I’d like to talk more about people’s thoughts but, sadly, I don’t have the time at the moment. Maybe more on Thursday when I introduce the next topic. but, for now, I just want to thank you all for your kind words and let you know you’re helping me a lot by just responding and showing you care about the story. Can’t wait to see more :)

Three-in-April ftw!

My eternal shaaaaame….

30 March, 2016 (08:23) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Okay, so the title is a BIT melodramatic. And this isn’t my eternal shame. But sometimes a little melodrama is fun. So a few of you have noted my silence. Jaz had pointed out it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve said something. Has it really been that long? Geeze. Time flies. I wish I could say this is a “oh I’ve been so busy” thing but… um… well… no. I sort of got into a game that I’m super excited for and may have fallen off the writing wagon. Just a little. Or a lot. Or way too much. Like, to the point where I may have called in sick one day for work because I just really wanted to play the game. So, basically, instead of being a responble, 30 year old adult, I’ve been a child for 3 weeks XD

But, I have made a mistake. I have erred. You all have entrusted me to write more of this story and it WILL occur. So I make a goal between Fate, cheerleaders, and all you lurkers to do a fun stretch goal that should push me. It’s based on an idea called “Four-in-February” where a lot of people agree to beat four games in the month of February. Well, next month, to make up for the lack of chapter, I’m doing “Three-In-April”… well… it doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Four-in-February” but it’s my goal for April.

Basically, I didn’t try to push myself at all last month and that is my, at least, 3 week shame (so not quite eternal… but if you consider how much you can get done if you put your mind to it in 3 weeks it is a FORM of eternal so… um… where was I going with this?). Because I put no effort into March I want to push myself. The next few chapters, I think, will be shorter anyway so I’m looking forward to trying to push what I can do. Is this insane? Well, maybe a little. My dayjob is something that is sort of tied to tax-season here in America and, well, the deadline for taxes is April 15th. So I’ll be working a little overtime before then, but things will slow down a LOT after then. Creates a nice dichotomy where I think I can get 1 chapter in before the 15th (I have started on 33 after all) and 2 more after. I won’t be pushing myself like this other months so I think I’ll be fine stress-wise. It’s cathartic to do stretch goals like this once in a while anyway.

So, the plan-

  • April 1st, post the month artwork (BY GRIMAY!) and post the vignette on Patreon
  • April 14th- post Chapter 33
  • April 21st- post Chapter 34
  • April 28th- post Chapter 35

After that it will be our usual once a month schedule. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and concern and I’m just fine. Great in fact. Just irresponsible at times when I get into betas of games I’m really excited for. If you’re curious, the game is Overwatch by Blizzard (also, just to head off any questions about it, I don’t share my battletag with people I only know from the internet. I used to and… well let’s just keep it at I had some odd experiences that made me regret it). I love it a lot and look forward to playing it when it officially comes out. But, for now, time to be an adult and get back to writing.

If you’d like to help me meet this stretch goal of Three-in-April, understand that comments really help motivate me. So this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to post a silly topic that is MGP related and if I could get participation from you (ie, comments on the topic) it’d be super motivating for me. So, for this week, the topic is this:

In your mind, what is the favorite anime or tv show of each of the Spirit Guard, Cory, Eli, and Stacy and why? Bonus points if it’s a Bland Name Product style titled show (and sorry if linking to TVTropes ruined your day’s productivity)

Well, there is the topic! I’m looking forward to your answers! Oh! And thanks to those who have been updating the MGP TVTropes page. I don’t know who you heroes are, but you have no idea how giddy it makes me every time I see it’s been updated. It makes no sense why it makes me happy, but it does and every update you make honors me!

Three-In-April! Let’s do this!,

Both March commissions complete!

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Behold! Both art comissions for March have been completed now! In the previous post we highlighed DracoDragite’s efforts on this picture highlighting the first meeting between Robynne and Dale but here is the picture posted for your viewing pleasure:

If you want the high rez version click on this image

Now, the second picture is done by an artist I have been wanting to commission for a long time. The name is Carrinth and Carrinth’s work is sooooo much fun! I discovered her for her now defunct series of Teen Titan Gender Bender comics on deviantArt. She has sense produced more fun stuff (currently I’m really enjoying Mass Effect High School) and reopened commissions. So since they were opened up, I hopped on that gravy train and had her draw the confrontation between Cammy and Robynne as Robynne makes her demands of Cammy… and Cammy does NOT like it!

If you want the high rez version click on this image

I love this piece of work so much! First of all, I have always loved Carrinth’s style with facial expressions. Cammy’s rage is palpable and you can see her straining to stay in control. Meanwhile, Robynne just trying to keep a cool look while, at the same time, adjusting her skirt that is too short for her tastes… perfect!

Carrinth said the most difficult part was the coloring, but that’s more because Carrinth doesn’t usually color her work. One of my favorite things about her style with Mass Effect High School is how only certain things get colored, like Garrus’s jacket and bike. So cool and unique looking! Love the style! You should check Carrinth’s gallery right now!

Oh, and for all you $2 and up patrons, the March Vignette has been posted on Patreon. This month’s title is “Blood-stained Curtains” as we take a break from the RPG group for a month or two or forever… I sort of play the vignettes by ear.

Also, as a quick reminder, I posted the chapter commentary for chapter 32 so if you haven’t checked it out, do so. I think it’s worth a read. It might be the longest commentary I’ve ever done so that should say something about how much thought I put into it :)

I should be updating the banner image of when to expect the next chapter soon. Stay tuned!

Keep your eyeballs reading,

Chapter 32 posted- more to come

26 February, 2016 (00:15) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Okay everyone, took me longer than I’d like but I got the chapter commentary for Chapter 32 done! Even if you read the chapter already, maybe give the commentary a look and, if you so choose, feel free to repost based on that! In short, I love comments.

So, those of you who are patrons will notice the March vignette has yet to be posted. It’ll go up over the weekend. I’m having just some unexpected delays at work but nothing that should be too bad. But this is also where I make the announcement that this month there are TWO pictures coming! That’s right! TWO! Basically I got my tax refund and decided, since you all have been so patient with me that I’m going to reward you all! So, I’m at work at the moment and can’t post the direct image (I’ll take care of that when I get home) but here is the link to the first commission done by DracoDragite and is an image of Robynne’s first meeting with Dale.

Now, first thing I want to say about DracoDragite is he was insanely easy to work with and if you need a commission, I cannot recommend him enough. But beyond that I love a lot of things about this picture. First, The random lines he adds to the apartment do an odd job of really making the appartment feel worn down and really does feel like a boy’s dorm. DracoDragite was particularly proud of his work on the carpet and I can see why. Feels appropriately ragged. Second, I love the expression on Robynne’s and Dale’s faces. Robynne seems appropriately flustered by the sudden hunky musician’s appearance and Dale has just the right mixture of dumbstruck, hopeful, casual, and nervous in his face. Third, love the aura around Dale. I mean, in the story it doesn’t have color but is just the texture of mahogany. That’s sort of difficult to represent without color so I like the use of mahogany color. Last, Robynne’s hair… I just love how it whips about as she steps back. I didn’t even ask for that, but it was just something DracoDragite did and I think it looks great!

The next commission will be coming to us soon™. It will be done for us by the wonderful Carrinth who I have been a fan of for a long time! Can’t wait to show off her work as she’s someone I’ve been hoping to commission for months!

May the chapter and pictures entertain you,

PS: A few of you have either increased or updated your pledges and for that I’m grateful! I’ve just been busy and been spacing it on sending more formal thank yous via Patreon. You guys are the wind beneath my wings!