I want to apologize for the delays there have been recently. On the 15th I should have posted the Vignette for $2 and up donations but that got delayed 4 days and this is bumping into the chapter getting posted on Thursday. I want to preface this next part as me not trying to garner sympathy but I spent a good portion of last week with some kind of stomach flu. Yeah. The kind of sick where you can’t even sit up because your stomach just starts churning. So… that was fun.

However, the real gut punch was my family’s dog passed away two days ago… while my folks were on vacation and my sister, who loves this dog to death, had to be there while she slowly faded. Thankfully she had the prescence of mind to call me so I could be there to help talk her through it but… wow. Sorry. It’s sort of a heavy time for me right now. But nowhere near as heavy as it is for my sister who held on as her best friend in the world finally succumbed to the ravages of time. So, if you are so inclined, please keep a prayer or a good thought for my sister who is struggling through this.

As for the story, the next chapter post has been moved back a week. Sorry again for the delays but thank you so much for being understanding. One of my favorite things about you guys is how kind you are when things like this come up. You are all good people.


Update! Chapter 39, commentary and all, posted!

All right! I now have the time to write a bit more! First of all, I want to thank everyone for their patience as they waited for Chapter 39. I also want to thank all of you who suddenly joined Patreon or increased their pledge amounts! There was a burst over the weekend and, I must say, it’s very motivating and very flattering!

In the post below this one, I posted our first monthly pin-up image! I also have our monthly cannon image drawn by Grimay but as it’s slightly spoilery for Chapter 39 this chapter just click here to check it out. This gives us our first look at Kara and Mallory! Woohoo!

In other news, I also posted our the September Q&A on Patreon! While only patrons can ask questions, everyone can read it so go check it out! You get to learn the (I think) funny origin story of my Up-Arrow logo!

So with 39 done, here is a loose look ahead of my schedule:

  • Sept 8th- post next Fan Reel, submit new Fan Reel to patrons for commentary, get November Pin-up voting posted
  • Sept 15th- Post September Vignette
  • Sept 22- Post Chapter 40

So yeah. There is my planned schedule going forward. In the mean time, thanks so much for your responses to my questions about Fairy Tale. You’ve sold me on it as a whole and I’m going to check it out. Since you all were so helpful with that, let me ask you all another question, “What could be the theme for the NOvember Pin-ups”? Thanksgiving seems silly as I can’t think of anything other than “Pin-up Pilgrim” or “Kind-of Offensive American-Indian Stereotype Outfit” and I think we see where that could lead to some problems. My thought was maybe, since Blizzcon is in November, I could push some Blizzard related pin-ups for the girls? I mean, I’m a huge Blizzard fan so I could abuse that but I’d rather get something less specific than Blizzard but maybe still deals with November somehow. The one topic I DON’T want is the US Election. I think we can all safely say we’re getting bombarded by enough things about the election. This website is a spot where you can just ignore all that. Let’s keep it that way.

Post your ideas,

to tide you all over

Sorry all for silence. I’d like to say it’s been because I’ve been fiercly productive but… well, been working overtime at work, getting home worn out, stubbornly not writing, then enjoying WAY too much of the new World of Warcraft expansion. Well, and I’ve been holding off on this 1st of the month post because chapter wasn’t quite ready and the monthly image is a bit spoilery for the chapter. Only a bit, but… enough that I’ve been holding off. That said, I’m giving myself a hard date the chapter is going up… Monday the 5th. I’m close enough that should not be an issue but will still push me to not just sit on my angelcake and play WoW all day… even though, seriously, I am loving the flavor of Legion!

To help tide you all over until the new chapter though, as it is the 1st of the month, that means I have posted the monthly Taralynn Q&A ! There were some fun questions, including someone finally asking me what was up with my Up Arrow logo. Fun times! But, as we hit one of our goals: A monthly Pin-up image as voted by our $5 and up patrons. September’s theme was Back-to-School and the winner of our poll was Robynne in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. I tapped Rezuban to draw it for us because he did such a good job with our last image. So, behold, Robynne in all her detentioned glory!

First of all, the font for Robynne’s handwriting was perfect. I mean, Robynne looks great too, but that font looks exactly like how I imagine Robynne’s handwriting to look. Second, please remember, these are pin-up images, thus, not cannon thus don’t worry so much about the fact Robynne wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit. Just roll with it! XD But seriously, Rezuban did a great job on this and if you wanted to swing by his deviatart page and let him know, that’d be awesome of you.

So yeah, Monday, new chapter. Sorry I’ve been silent. I know some of you expressed wishes they could follow me on something of a social media but… I really don’t do that. I mean, I tried out doing Twitter but it just didn’t work for me. I just never think to post things on it. I post more here on the front page of this website than I ever have on Facebook… and that’s with my mother and siblings badgering me that I should do stuff on Facebook. Sadly, this is the peak of my online social presence. I think my silence wouldn’t be so much cause for concern if I hadn’t gone on a hiatus that spanned at least one full presidential term. I’m sorry for that and will refocus myself on getting you all more frequent updates. I just know that I WILL fail again at some point to do so and, for that, I’m sorry. That’s still not an excuse to not try!

In other news, is there anyone who has ever used a mechanical keyboard? I’m considering buying one and would like some reviews. Also, I just bought a mini-elliptical for my desk so I can write and excersize at the same time! Isn’t that awesome? I’m also looking for a new anime to start and a friend told me I’d like Fairy Tale. Anyone here seen that? How is it? What animes would you compare it to as far as “If you like X you’ll probably like Y”?

Lastly, this is more directed at Zexand who has asked twice now but I’ve shied away from answering his question. The way my Patreon goals work is I want them to reach monthly donation levels before I do that incentive. The whole idea of why is I use the monthly donations to supplement my salary at my day job. While one time donations are AWESOME they don’t do the same thing for my budget that a steady monthly stream does. So, long story short, if the next level of incentives is something you really want to see and you wanted to do a one-time donation to get that started, send me an email and we can talk and see what you’re thinking. However, just know that I’d need to replace that donation level’s incentive and would need ideas. 🙂

See you all on Monday,

what’s going on?

Sorry I haven’t been vocal everyone. But, not to worry, I haven’t gone on a hiatus. I’ve just sort of forgotten I need to be vocally active over all channels. Luckily I have a good friend who reminded me of this. Sorry I’ve been quiet on the site so long. I’m almost done with the next chapter. I think it might go up on Thursday but that depends on how a few things play out… so that’s not a hard deadline.

In other news, my two artists tell me we are most likely a go for both the September Back-to-School pin-up image and our monthly cannon image are good to be posted on the 1st. For those of you who don’t remember, we are now doing monthly bonus pin-up images as voted on by all the $5 and up patrons. The voting for the September image (which was back to school themed) was the option of a Japanese school girl or Catholic school girl outfit and I gave the Spirit Guard as the options. Robynne in a Japanese School girl uniform won. Can’t wait to see how the image turns out.

For October the theme is, of course, Halloween. This time the options are:

  • Angela dressed as a vampires
  • Captain Fawx dressed as a Retro-future space girl
  • Kara dressed as a devil
  • Mallory dressed as a Pirate
  • Vivian dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein

So, if you’re a $5 and up patron get on over there and get voting. As for things that get done once a month, we also have to get questions in for my monthly Q&A. I think last month’s Q&A went very well. I mean, I rambled on for like 3 pages of a word document. This month’s Q&A thread has been posted on Patreon. Again, patrons are the only ones who can ask questions for the Q&A but I post it for everyone to read. So, Patrons… start your questions… on the appropriate page. Please don’t make me go hunting for your questions all over the various sites I post on.

Lastly, this is final call for the most recent Fan Reel comments. Please get your commentary in if you’re part of that group! This is by far my favorite fan-related thing I do and I feel not enough people take advantage of it. So, $3 and up Patrons… you’re on the clock!

Stay loose,

August is here!

That’s right! A new month means new goodies for you, the wonderful reader! First of all, we have a new piece of commissioned artwork done by a new artist! Our new artist is Rezuban! Feel free to go over to his dA page and check out his work. Regardless, our commissioned piece is from one of the more recent chapters with Robynne and Angela having a friendly chat!

All I can say is, “Nailed it!” Once again, I’m obsessed with how perfectly an artist nails the background. This is Angela and Mallory’s worn down, cramped, and very plain apartment. From the stains on the linoleum to the couch that looks like it hasn’t moved since the 80’s she gets it all! Rezuban, great. Amazing. If you bother to look at the non-thumbnailed image, you’ll even see how she hits the crampedness of the place. How can there be so many great artists who just perfectly encapsulate things… oh, and Robynne and Angela don’t look half bad either! XD In fact, I think this is the first commissioned Angela (commissioned Pip to draw Spirit Guard Valor originally so I think that’s the closest we’ve gotten before this). And doesn’t Angela just look so prim and proper? Love it! Go ahead and head on over to her dA page here and spread the love for a great piece of artwork!

Also, for my patrons, head over to my patreon page to check out my very first Q&A! It was a blast to answer your questions and I look forward to answering them again this month. Also, as a reminder, the next MGP Vignette goes up on the 15th so be on the lookout for that.

Lastly, before I leave for the night, please, if you’re a $3 and up patron, remember to comment on the Fan Reel. I’m closing the most recent chapter down this weekend so I can post the update. Also, the next chapter is going up either the 11th or the 19th. Why the full week gap? Well, more family comes in town during that week so I know if I don’t get it posted on the 11th, I’m likely not getting it completed until the 19th. But that’s life.

Regardless, thanks so much for your support,


PS: Almost forgot to mention, thanks to those who voted for the September Pin-up image! Robynne won out over Kara and it looks like she’ll be wearing a Japanese School Girl outfit! So look forward to that in September!

Taralynn’s Desk 2.0! (07/24 update)

Woah! New look? That’s right folks. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is update the look of the website and this if the first in what I believe to be a lot of tweeks. This is the very basic look though that I’ll be going with. How will this affect you, the reader… probably not all that much. But it makes me feel better! And I’m already really liking the look a lot more. I also plan to be doing some fun stuff at the top of the page. You’ll see.

For now, I’m focusing on trying to get the spacing more correct as I feel it’s a bit too… open. We’ll see what I can do though. If you see something wrong, please let me know by responding to THIS post, not on the pages in question. Here are a list of known issues so far:

  • Patreon banner not filling up properly
  • Arrow buttons in chapters not lining up side by side
  • Tables that should be borderless are not borderless
  • Hope it looks good,
    Update 7/24- Found some help online and got some of my open space issues solved. Also, this link goes nowhere useful to you unless you really like sports. I just made it because I’m trying to decide how some things look.

Ch 38 is out! Um… can’t think of anything clever for 38?

Woop! Chapter 38 is out for your reading pleasure. I’d type more here but I’m trying to fix some website things and trying to get a widget on the site so that I don’t have to update an image every time I do Patreon.

That said, before I go, if you’re a Patron, please remember to get your Fan Reel comments up before the 28th, and get your Q&A questions and Pin-up votes in before the 1st! Time’s a wastin’!

Look forward to reading your comments!

Fan Reels 9 & 10! Patreon announcements! Gasp! Wall of text hits fandom for massive damage!

As work continues to be done on Chapter 38, I am excited for the returns of the Fan Reel chapters! For those of you who may be new (or maybe have just forgotten because… it’s been a while… sorry) Fan Reels are where I create a GoogleDoc that is just an old chapter but now my patrons at a certain dollar level up get the honor of throwing their commentary on top of it! I sort of compare it to the MGP version of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I have found it quite fun and I hope you do as well. So here are the links to download both Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 and the Fan Reels. Invites to comment on Chapter 11 should be sent out shortly.

So, Patreon announcements. For those in the know, I’ve had the following benefits for donating to my Patreon and various goals. The benefits and goals looked like this:

Old Stretch goals Old Monthly Benefits
  • $100- Monthly commissioned artwork for the story. We hit this
  • $ 250- Monthly pinup artwork- We’ve gotten very close to this many times
  • $ 500- Monthly TG super hero story from Taralynn
  • $ 750- One image per chapter!
  • $1000- I’d commission a flash artist to make the Robert->SG Serenity transformation
  • $5000- Quit my day job, do writing full time!
  • $0.01- My grattitude and MGP updates a day early
  • $2- MGP Vignette access
  • $5- MGP Fan Reel access
  • $10- Access to my GoogleDocs rough drafts as I write chapters

So, I’m now well over a year into the Patreon thing and I’ve decided I need to take a step back and review both my goals and my rewards.Let’s go over my stretch goals first. I think, for the most part, they are fine. The only ones I have concerns about are the pinup one (been so close) and the Monthly TG super hero story. The pin-up one I sort of have been close enough I just want to do it. THe monthly story… I struggle enough with my vignettes. $500 seems too close for me to be realistic about it. I made these goals when I was unemployed for the most part and now that I have a job, I realize I wouldn’t be able to deliver on a monthly chapter for a new story AND MGP. So something will have to change there.

Now let’s look at the Monthly Benefits for patrons. First of all, my 1 cent goal of getting the chapter a day early… I have cheated my patrons due to my disorganization. More often than not (and especially during 3 in April) I haven’t had the chapter ready a day early. For that reason, I’m removing that as a promise so I stop cheating you. For those of you who have been patrons BECAUSE of that promise and I failed to deliver, I’m sorry.

I like the goal of the Vignettes at $2, but I’ve always felt I need some kind of reward for the people at $1. I’ve been discussing it and I think I have an idea for that which I’ll get to in a moment. Another issue though is the Fan Reel. At $5 it seems I haven’t really found a price point where I get a lot of engagement on it. If you’re at the $5 mark I don’t want you to take that as criticism. I understand the Fan Reel isn’t for everyone. But I would like more engagement in what should be a somewhat “loud” environment. I personally have found the comments we receive hilarious and would love more.

The goal I’ve been happy with is the $10 level and that won’t change. I’m a little… what I mean is… I don’t like too many people having their eyes on my work as it’s going. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having the input from some of the most hardcore fans, but I get a bit of stage fright when I see someone is in my googledoc as I’m writing. Call it performer’s anxiety or something. So I kind of like putting this goal a bit further up there as it makes sure it doesn’t get TOO crowded in the file. I’m insecure. We all are. This is mine.

So, with all that said, I’m amending everything. This is what the new goals and benefits will look like starting in September…

New Stretch goals New Monthly Benefits
  • $100- Monthly commissioned artwork for the story. We hit this
  • $ 150- Monthly canon and monthly pinup art for MGP!
  • $ 300- Let’s get a super expensive commission from someone famous of the full Spirit Guard ready to fight!
  • $ 500- A canon image per chapter instead of just per month!
  • $ 750- Let’s do another super expensive commission! Of what? Who knows! We’ll figure it out as we get closer.
  • $1000- Let’s commission a flash artist to make the Robert to SG Serenity transformation
  • $5000- Quit my day job, do writing full time! It’s a pipe dream, maybe, but I’m writing it down
  • $0.01- My gratitude. Seriously, anything sent I REALLY do appreciate
  • $1- Access to the monthly Taralynn Q&A! More explained below
  • $2- MGP Vignette access
  • $3- Access to comment on MGP Fan Reels!
  • $5- You get to vote on what the monthly pin-up art will be, plus increased likelihood of Q&A questions being answered!
  • $10- Access to my GoogleDocs rough drafts as I write chapters

So let’s first talk about the $1 and up access to the Taralynn Q&A. My idea is pretty simple. I have more than a few people who donate $1 a month and I just want to be able to give them something. However, I just don’t have the time to produce more original content than I already do. This was pitched as a simple idea people might like. Every month I’m just going to put out an article on Patreon that is just my monthly Q&A where patrons submit questions and I pick a few I think I can give interesting answers to. I will answer a total of 5 questions a month and hopefully that will be a fun bit of interaction I can give everyone. The only limit on the questions will be NO politcal or religious questions. You guys want to have those discussions… well, the internet has a lot of places you can go for that.

Now, some of you may be worried that this means I’d curtail my interaction in the comments and the forums. Fret not. I’m not going to change how I interact here on the site, but the Q&A is a bit more formal and a place where people can ask me things I might not cover here.

My $2 patrons will not see any real changes to their access. They’ll still get their monthly Vignette and NOW also get access to the Q&A. You $2 patrons have been the backbone of that progress bar filling up over the past year and you really helped out during my time in unemployment. It never is forgotten.

The biggest change will be the fact that I’m moving access to the Fan Reel down to $3. This is mostly to give more people a chance to comment on the Fan Reel. I’ll be posting the Chapter 11 Fan Reel soon so I hope to see your hilarious (or insightful) comments soon!

So, if you were a $5 patron before, what are you getting now? Well, so far you’re getting access to everything you did before. But now $5 patron’s will also get to be the ones who VOTE on what the monthly pin-up art will be AND have priority on getting their questions answered in the Q&A. I’ll detail the pin-up voting in the next paragraph but the way the priority will work is simple. Of the 5 questions that I answer, 3 will come from $5 and up patrons and the other two will come from my $1 and up patrons. Some may not think that’s fair but, hey, $5 is about what my lunch costs each day at work. I just think it’s good policy to reward people who buy you lunch 😛

So, yes, going forward, there will be monthly pinup art IN ADDITION to the monthly commission art. But I didn’t want the pin-up art to just be whatever interested me. I wanted there to be some interaction on that and I wanted the honor of who should be pin-upped each month to go to some of my most generous supporters. So if you’re a $5 supporter, every month I’ll be asking for your help determining what the pin-up will be. My thought right now is to maybe have a theme for the voting but I don’t want it to HAVE to be married to the concept of what is happening that month. However, just so you guys can get a feel for how I’d do this, I’m thinking the September vote I’d put up the characters Angela, Kara, Mallory, Robynne, & Vivian and since September is back to school, you’d be voting for either a Catholic School Girl outfit or Japanese School Girl outfit. That kind of thing. But you $5 and up patrons will be seeing more about this later. Each month I’d then rotate in maybe a new character into the voting so we don’t just pile up a bunch of art for only one character.

So yeah, that’s my Patreon going forward. Sorry to have hit you with such a wall but since patrons give me money I wanted to be as up front as I could about things. And to those of you who aren’t my Patrons, I still really appreciate the fact that you read my story and give me comments and motivation to keep one writing. This all just started as me wanting to tell a story and now it’s been able to grow into something that (as of last month) helped me pay off the rest of my credit card debt. Not to get too sappy on you but when I payed off that last payment I cried. And it was you guys who made it possible. Thanks so much. You mean the world to me.

Getting back to work on Chapter 38,

July Image is done! Grimay is da best evar!

Oh my goodness! Boys and girls, here it is… July 2016 image is ready for postage! This month was Grimay once again and I’m proud to show you the first image we have of Fretribution having a pleasant discussion with our resident main character, Robynne “Waveform” Darling.

Grimay’s command on shading this picture is stunning. I mean… LOOK at all the folds on those tshirts and jeans! I also love the little details he throws in like the faded wash of Fretribution’s jeans. I didn’t ask for that. he just threw it in and it completely works! This is soooooo good.

Quick request from you guys, I’d love to have a discussion here about the artwork. But if you do post a comment here, would you kindly consider copying that comment and jumping over to Grimay’s dA page where he posted this and pasting the comment there too? As someone who produces content, I know how much a few kind words go and I’d love for us to be able to do that for Grimay. I want to find a way to give him some of that artistic recharge you all provide for me!

Okay, and as promised, update time on the story. I am looking on track for a posting of Chapter 38 on the 21st of the month! So that’s good. Also, I’m going to be starting the Fan Reel back up! So if you’re a $5 and up patron, please go to Patreon and see what I messaged you. It’s very important. It means something.

Well, that’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed the image and, remember, please send Grimay a nice word!

Stay cool!

Happy Canada Day and American Independence Day! Now let’s talk!

Whew! It’s been a busy few days and will continue to be for another few as my folks are in town for the Independence Day holiday here in the ol’ US of A. Also, to you crazy canucks, I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day! Now, that I have a moment, let me start by saying thanks for all the kind comments so far about Chapter 37. It wasn’t easy but it was definitely a fun write up. If I can keep them this entertaining, then chapters will get done faster I hope. But, who am I kidding, we all know I don’t start writing well until I put myself under a deadline. I’d like to pretend that isn’t the case… but it is. We all know it.

As for the monthly stuff, thanks so much for those who have donated to me. First off, thanks again to all you wonderful Patrons. As usual, our $2 and up patrons are receiving access to the MPG Vignett of the month, “A Knightly Occurrence” which is, predictably, centered on SFEERS member NightKnight. Also, I played a game of Overwatch against someone with the name NightKnight in real life. I’m apparently not as creative at coming up with screen names as I thought. Either that or I’m causing reality to weaken and my characters are bleeding in. If Robynne ever crosses over, we all understand that I’m dead and really we can’t hold it against Robynne.

Also, Grimay tells me we will definitely have his picture for July sometime at or before the 10th so it’s just around the corner! Less than a week! Woo!

I’ve posted links on the left side of the page (finally) to the MGP Wiki, MGP Forums (on the wiki), and the MGP TVTropes page. I’d like to throw a special shoutout to Lowten, Zexand, and KMetal who have all done yeoman’s work on the wiki. It’s really been helpful for me to be able to just go back and see who I have and have not said. It was super helpful for me to see names of people in SFEERS, previous descriptions of auras, and physical descriptions of characters all in one easy to find place. Eye color is something I forget a lot so… yeah. I personally am REALLY liking this wiki XD.

I’m also trying to help the forums jumpstarted so I threw up a topic in there some may remember from the old forum… monster ideas. I have need of them. If you have an idea for an MGP monster, feel free to check it out and see if maybe it sparks an idea for you.

Oh, and before I go, let me just say I’m targeting the 21st as the next chapter date. I’ll provide an update on that goal when I get Grimay’s next pic.

Let’s blow some crap up!