30 delay

19 November, 2015 (16:36) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Just wanted to give a quick update. I’ve been delayed so the chapter will be coming out sometime next week… along with some new fanart from Darkness that I’m excited about! :D

Sorry for the delay,

The commission is done!

12 November, 2015 (18:54) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Everyone, this post will be short and sweet but… you know how some hero in the chatroom suggested I use Grimay for commissions? Well… that’s totally what happened. I commissioned him to draw the scene between Robynne and Cammy and… well… LOOK!

If you want the high rez version click on this image

Is that not unbelievably AWESOME!?!?! Look at that? The details on their food! The laid-back, smug, calculating demeanor of Cammy! The grumpy, off-put, put observant demeanor of Robynne! The background! Robynne’s clothes look baggy and thick! THE FOOD STAINS ON ROBYNNE’S FACE! It’s all so perfect! It’s like someone sent me a still from MGP the Anime! I can’t stop staring!

Grimay was wonderful to work with and his prices are INSANE! Give him some love on deviantart!

Can’t stop geeking out,

PS: Chapter coming some time next week

Halloween Vignette for Patrons!

2 November, 2015 (15:10) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

This is a very short announcement for my Patrons. As you may have noticed October didn’t have a vignette… OR DID IT!?

I posted one on Halloween night. Head over to my patron page to read it Patrons! It wasn’t MGP based (OR WAS IT… okay, not really, no) but I decided to get in the gloomy, spooky mood for Halloween… though still had some fun. I hope you can enjoy it.
Hope to have the next chapter up next week or the week after that,

Thanks for the comments!

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Wow you guys! The comments for Chapter 29 of MGP have been wildly positive! Thanks so much! I also want to give a special thank you to those who have been spotting a few inconsistencies and continuity errors… errors that for some reason seem to involve Vivian moreso than any other character. Must be because she’s too awesome to be contained by mere continuity! Or because I sometimes forget stuff and since I’m a discovery writer I don’t have the best notes. Thus, comments like Deencolo’s that point out each chapter there is a discrepancy… SO helpful! I mean, I started writing the reboot version of this story back in 2012. it’s been 3 years since then and I’m bound to forget stuff in that time.

There are bound to be a few retcons here and there as well as ideas that were vague back then are coming into focus for me now. Next chapter there will be one of them for sure. Nothing big, but little things that will make sense going forward. But if you guys ever find what you think is maybe a conflict in the story, let me know. I write by the seat of my pants and sometimes that seat gets thin. :)
Big girl job time!

As many chapters as days in a lunar month

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Oh my goodness I am soooooo glad to say that Chapter 29 of MGP is up! I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry this took so long. But I hope it was worth the weight.

We have some commissioned art coming up! I don’t know when it will be done but… it’s coming. So, you know, get psyched for that.

I haven’t forgotten about my patrons either. I just haven’t gotten around to writing the October vignette because I wanted to make sure the chapter got done first. But now the October Vignette is coming!

Now, off to get ready for work!

The State of Taralynn

12 October, 2015 (10:55) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Hey everyone. So here is the state of things as they are. First off, I’m loving my new job! It’s really great and it’s so satisfying to have full-time work again. On the downside, I’m proving to have issues balancing it with writing. I’m working on improving that. But if I’m honest, the gap between chapters right now is more of a function of the chapter in question. It’s a tough chapter for me that has me debating things back and forth and… it’s just unfortunate timing in my part. I should have powered through and earlier chapter to make sure to get this one done before starting this job.

But I didn’t and this is what we have to work with. I’m hoping to have it ready by next week but let’s continue to play it by ear. Also, I’m looking for someone to commission some art for. It’d be a two person drawing and I’m looking to pay somewhere between $35-$45. If you know someone who would do something like that for that price and has commissions open right now please pass along a suggestion.
Thank you for your patience,

Chapter Delay again

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Hi again everyone. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but… well… that’s kind of what I’m doing. No chapter again this week. The way things are looking I can’t be certain it will be ready next week either. More family stuff has come up and it’s eating into what free time I normally use to write. I really hate making these posts but, given the hiatus that happened on MGP Alpha I feel it’s important for me to make you all aware of any delays.

What really bugs me the most is these delays are coming right at a part of the story that is critical and, frankly, longer parts of the story. I might just break this chapter into halves at this rate. While not ideal it WOULD get you guys some reading material.

I’m so sorry for the additional delays. I really hope the chapter will be worth it when it comes out. Maybe I can arrange for some fan art to reward you all for your patience or something. We’ll see.
Love you all,

Chapter delay

12 September, 2015 (09:23) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Hey everyone. I’ve got some sad news. Chapter 29 isn’t going to come out on the 15th like I originally planned. This chapter is evolving into something I just can’t get out in that time. I could put a break in between where the chapter would naturally flow but I’d rather wait one more week to get you the quality you deserve.

Sorry so much for the delay. Life got more hectic this week than I planned for. I had some unexpected (but not unpleasant) family surprises show up along with an even that I had to cover for out of the blue… along with, oh yeah, my new job! I want to thank everyone again for all their support and well wishes when I got the new gig. I’m going to get the chapter out and it WILL be the quality you all expect from me. It’ll just take another week to get there.

Thanks for your patience,

28 is… a really good number? I got nothing

31 August, 2015 (23:14) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Chapter 28 of Magical Girl Policy, the unavoidable meeting between Robynne and Cammy, has arrived!

Normally I also post about having the vignette for the month here too but, if I’m honest, I just didn’t have time with this chapter. I’m going to get it up there for all you patrons, I promise. Just give me a day or two. Getting this chapter churned out AND starting my new job has been hell on my usual routine! BUT I’m figuring it out! Hopefully you get enough enjoyment out of Chapter 28 that it proves the quality isn’t going down!

So expect to hear from me again soon and please leave a comment after you finish Chapter 28. I’m really nervous/excited to see how I did in your eyes!

Let’s get pumped!

As many chapters and hand-bones…

18 August, 2015 (07:52) | Uncategorized | By: Taralynn

Did you know there are 27 bones in the human hand? I didn’t until I looked up with some way I could have a pun or joke about the number 27. That’s really all I got. Regardless, Chapter 27 of Magical Girl Policy is up. What more could you ask for?

Just as a reminder, technically we’ll only get one chapter this month. Next chapter goes up September 1st and will be part of a three chapter month. Please leave your comments on the chapter and let me know what you thought. Really helps me to know how I’m succeeding or failing in giving the reader what they are looking for.

Hope you don’t melt in the August sun,